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So, this post doesn’t have any moral to it besides “Writing Things Down Can Help You Remember Cute Things in the Future”. Pretty boring, eh? Kaia, now that you have been part of our lives for seven weeks, I figured it would behoove me (and you someday) to take note of some of your sweet and unique mannerisms and personality traits.
**Like Mama, you love to have a rouge foot peeking out of the covers when you sleep
**You tug on your ear and rub your eyes when you are tired
**You curl your tiny fists up by your face to help you fall asleep (see photo above).
**Sleeping on your side is your number one preference. Unlessl tricked to do so, you won’t fall asleep on your back.
**Mama knows one of the only positions in which she can hold you that lulls you to sleep. Curled like a bean on it’s side, laying on the left side of my chest, with a blanket wrapped around you and your warm body cuddled very close to mine. You almost always must have your “binky”. I pull it out when you fall fast asleep.
**”Kaia, Kaia Little Star” is your favorite lullaby. Mama recently learned there are 5 more lyrics and is trying to memorize them for you. There are some days in which I sing the first verse dozens of times until you drift to sleep.
**You also like “It’s a Small World”, “Hush Little Baby”, and “Rock-a-Bye Baby”. Mama made up one verse to a song just for you: “Kaia Marin, of the Earth and of the Sea, Kaia Marin you are beautiful to me. You’re Mama’s little girl, and you rock Daddy’s world, Kaia Marin you are beautiful to me”. Also, as a throwback to my Catholic school days, I’ve slightly modified a church song for you and it speaks volumes about your gentle and bright heart: “Gentle Kaia, quiet light, morning star so strong and bright. Gentle Kaia, peaceful dove, teach us wisdom, teach us love”.
**Your “play gym” is your newest favorite toy. Laying on your back (one of the only times you’ll tolerate that!) you bat at the colorful toys and talk to Mama and Dadda. You smile and coo and laugh.
**”Goodnight Moon” is the book that calms you and sometimes helps nudge you to napland. I’ve memorized almost every page. You gaze at the pictures and listen to the rhythm of Mama’s voice and the words of the story.
**You absolutely despise getting strapped into your carseat. Early on, Daddy learned that swiftly picking it up and swinging you around helps to calm you down.
**Car rides are something you love. However, you DO NOT like for the car to stop. When it does, you break out in your loudest, most pathetic cry and usually don’t stop until we find some bumps in the road to calm you. You have, at times, cried for 15-20 minutes non-stop and have lost your cute voice because of it. Your little fuzzy head turns red by your wailing and it’s so sad for Mama and Daddy because we can’t do anything to help you. We seem to always seek out the speed bumps and potholes just for you. We found out this weekend that you prefer riding in the bumpy Jeep!
**From day one, you have been a “spitty-uppy” baby. We must burp you every single time and one, or even two burps, is not enough. We must wiggle and pat you until you let out an adult-sized burp, which is almost always accompanied with spit up. Sometimes, you seem to spit up half your meal! We have changed many an outfit because of your talent in this arena. Daddy has the magic touch when it comes to burping you…he hikes you high over his shoulder and in no time you produce a big one!
**You really don’t like having your diaper changed, but boy oh boy, you love naked time!
**Bath time is your number one favorite thing to induldge in. Mom and Dad take you in the shower with them and hold your naked body to theirs as the water gently falls on you. Sometimes, we dance around and sing the “Shower Pokey”. Because of one of the early photos Daddy captioned for you, we call bathtime by the same title of that caption: “Soft Warm Sprinkles”. During bathtime, you don’t mind when the water runs down your face and eyes, and you reach your searching tongue out to taste the water. You never cry…until we take you out to dry you off!
**Your favorite, happy time is around 7 or 8 in the morning. This is when we play together!
**This weekend, you projectile-vomited all over Daddy at the Casino in Prescott. We were there to listen to Uncle Josh play in his big band and you had been very upset. I handed you to Daddy and within a few moments, you unleased a fury of breastmilk with unbelievable force onto Dad. It soaked him all the way into his shorts! Aunt Shawna said it was an “Exorcist Moment”. We felt so sorry for you, but it didn’t seem to bother you in the least. You felt so much better afterwards!
**You definately got your “Diva” from your Mama! I just hope that you don’t hold your breath like I did!
**On good days, you stay on an approx. 3 – 3.5 hour feeding schedule. On not so good days, you want to eat every 2 hours, even at night. This is tough on Mama!
**Once you are down for a nap or nitey-nite, you sleep so soundly. Even your JP dog’s bark, or a vaccuum, doesn’t phase you. Sometimes you’ll sleep 4 – 6 hours at a time for us!
**To help calm you down to sleep after your early morning feeding, we sometimes let you sleep between Mom and Dad. You almost immediatly fall asleep like this. Who can blame you? I think all humans like cuddling and snoozing next to the warmth of another. Many times, Daddy puts his arm over you and I position my nose close to your forehead so you can feel my breathing. Sleeping with you is a treat to us too!
**Some of your nicknames: Babinski, Binski, Bobo (Dad’s nickname for you), Morning Star, Stinky, Lover, Cry-a (when you cry!!).
**You cry real tears now and it breaks Mama’s heart. I quickly kiss them off your face and can taste the salt.
**Also this weekend, you pooped all over Mama while I was feeding you in the RV in Prescott. It was such a mess that me and you and Dad hopped directly into the shower together!
**Below are Daddy’s specific contributions: You prefer to see who is holding holding you and you like sitting up straight or lying slightly reclined on someone’s knees.
**When you are really mad or cranky, you kick your strong legs in protest. Diva!
**During diaper changes, or when lying on your back to play, your legs and feet always reach out to touch something.
**When you are just about ready to eat, you start your “fake cough”. This means you are about out of patience and it is so very cute. It’s your special way of communicating with us. I think your cousin Liam taught you this.
**Since you were born, Daddy’s blanket swaddling is a sure trick to get you to sleep. You fight it at first, but soon thereafter you are just a little head peeking from a blanket with tired, tired eyes.

Kaia, we can’t wait to see you grow and learn and love. And of course, this list will continue to grow right along with you.


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  1. Hales says:

    Hey guys!
    It’s so hilarious to read these entries because it makes me realize how similar some babies are. Coopie STILL hates being strapped into his carseat and we’ll never forgot how he popped a blood vessel screaming so hard one evening while we were putting him in it when he was only a few weeks old. While changing his diaper when he was little you would have thought we were pinching him! And we are STILL having those lovely projectile spitting up moments (mostly on daddy in church HA HA!!)And I have some adorable pictures of Coop sleeping on his side as well. He grew out of that and then at 7 months recently starting doing it again. They look like little people when they do that. It is so neat to share these moments with you guys even though you are so far away! I feel like I know Kaia already!
    Lots of love and please drive safely across the country!
    Haley and Coopie

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