Astral Baby

Months ago, I promised I would write about my first astral travel experience. And write I am finally ready to do.

The amazing thing about my experience is not in the details; it is indeed, rather boring! The amazing thing is that the clarity remains perfectly brilliant even two months later, the energy captured in a capsule of time like a gleaming, bold star in the night sky. I remember every minor detail and every feeling that rushed through my astral body. When I close my eyes to recall it, it’s as if I’m directly transported back to that magical adventure in the dark. This was not a dream, not even a lucid dream; it was as real as any every day experience, as real as my fingers typing on these keys. And I’m a mega-vivid dreamer, so I can tell the difference without a doubt.

Briefly, the astral plane is a parallel world of sorts. From my reading, I’ve gathered that we all travel in the astral realm at night, by separating our astral body from our physical body, but most of us are not conscious of it. I learned years ago to watch for signs that my astral body was trying to separate, which I explained in a previous post: “I begin to feel my body being pulled down into the bed and into the earth at the most intense velocity and speed. Simultaneously, I feel as if I’m being pulled upwards through the ceiling, through the roof, into the skies at the same high-speed velocity. On top of this, I am spinning. The forces acting on my body are intense, unexplainable, and ones I’ve never felt on this Earth.”

I like this description of the different planes (or “worlds”) of our existence: “We as individuals exist simultaneously on these four planes: the physical, astral, causal, and mental world. Just as we have a physical body, we have a corresponding astral (emotional) body, a causal (memory) body, and a mental (thought) body.”

On night of Sunday, October 15th, after visiting with Jason’s family who was staying with us, I rested peacefully in bed and began to swiftly feel the spinning and pulling that signaled astral body separation. Strangely, after years of focusing and trying to separate to travel, this time I told myself that I was “too tired to do this tonight” and shrugged it off. I can only figure that it must have been that casual surrender, that calm and vocalized acceptance, which brought on my successful travel. I had opened up a gate, a portal in my subconscious mind, and it became flooded! All these years, I was trying too hard; like using your arms to heave yourself up a rock climbing wall instead of relaying on the power and strength of your legs. As my friend MB says “Don’t fight it…ride it”. And ride I did……..

I am standing silent in the foyer of my home, bare feet on the tile, staring into the dark void of my living room. It takes me a few moments to become aware of myself and I ask, puzzled, “What am I doing here?” I know instantly that I am actually here, in my living room, in my house, and for a moment it feels as if I perhaps woke up from sleepwalking. In the very corner of the room, I notice dark, slow moving objects, almost like shadows. They do not frighten me, and instead I narrow my eyes and squint to try and focus in on them.

I take another minute to slowly scan the room, remaining unmoving and quiet. Suddenly, I realize what I must do. I reach with my right hand to flip on a light switch and I notice my hands are a silvery, translucent grey color. Startled, I pull my hand back and simultaneously say to myself “Oh my gosh, I can’t believe this is happening!” I know immediately that I am in the astral realm. I am not scared. I am overcome with excitement and anticipation. In that very same instant (as you’ll see events seem to occur this way in the astral realm) I hear a loud whooshing noise and find myself back in my bed, as if I had just awaken. I don’t waste any time trying to understand why I “awoke” in the astral realm, and then upon realizing I was there, was pulled back into my body. I seemed to have not recalled the first separation that brought me to my foyer.

I should add that somewhere between realizing I was standing in my foyer, and being pulled back into my body (perhaps it was happening simultaneously again?) I watched as my guest bathroom door closed and noticed the light on behind it. I wondered who was in there and why…

During this entire experience, I vividly recall repeating “I cannot believe this is happening! This is really happening!” In bed now, I gather a moment or two of resolve and decide to “roll” my physical body out of bed and onto the floor. This is a practice I had read about numerous times in helping your astral body to separate. I curl my body to the left and let it fall to the carpet below, only to find myself floating an inch or so above the ground. I never hit the carpet! Exhilaration pumped through my astral body and my astral mind and I can tell you I was grinning from astral ear to ear. In that moment, I knew absolutely, positively, for sure this experience was real. And while I never doubted it was “just a dream”, this experience of floating above the floor sealed the deal. I righted myself, picking up my body, and knew I was to continue on my journey.

Because we had visitors that night, Kaia was sleeping in her crib in our bedroom. I consciously told myself I was not going to look at Kaia, nor at Jason snoozing soundly in the bed. I’m not sure if I made this decision in order to reduce the chances of me getting freaked out and coming back into my physical body or if I just didn’t want to “involve” them at this point. I believe it was a mix of the two.

As I began to move, I noticed that it took a bit of effort to navigate my astral body; more like mental effort. The movement was not the traditional “one foot in front of the other” movement with my physical legs, but rather I can best describe it as moving like a jellyfish (with a “whoosh, whooshing” sort of movement instead of a continual flow): With the mental exertion of my energy, my astral body was propelled forward smoothly. During this methodical movement, I heard a loud, but not deafening, “Whoosh” noise (funny to say it, but almost the “Darth Vadar”-like sound). My body would then retract slightly and I would continue the movement in this way. I felt no legs or feet on the ground, but again felt as if I were floating or swimming, my “astral legs” sort of dangling behind me.

I slowly passed Kaia in her crib and approached the double doors of my room. Stopping momentarily, I gathered energy and knew this would be another defining moment. Instantly, I passed right through the wooden doors. Another exhilarating moment for sure! Now in my darkened hallway, I moved jellyfish-like down the hall slowly, all the while still bewildered, excited, anxious, curious…my astral heart beating fast. I came again to my foyer, this time looking at my front door. I decide I would like to travel outside but instantly remember that I am “naked” in the physical world and become scared of traveling naked! Of course, I laugh now at this illogical thought, but at the time it was very important to me.

And then, I suddenly lose my sight and began to see blurry white and black lines…like a bar code or a fuzzy TV screen. I cannot refocus. The whooshing noise increases and I finally see the brightest of lights, like a cluster of stars within my reach. I am pulled quickly back into my physical body in my bed and awaken with a gasp in the instant I’m returned, opening my eyes immediately.

I can tell I’m back in the physical realm and lay unmoving for a few minutes while I smile and say quietly aloud “Oh my gosh, I did it! I did it! I did it!” I recall over and over, vividly, the experience. I scan the room from my bed and notice that Kaia and Jason, my cat and dog, are all still sleeping. Life is unchanged. My heart races and I want to tell Jason right away about my unbelievable travel, but decide to let him rest. If I had to guess, my experienced lasted five minutes or so. I wished I had taken note of the approximate time I fell asleep but when I awoke it was around 3:00 am. Knowing I still have time to rest up and sleep, I tell myself that I do not want to go back to the astral realm tonight. It wasn’t that I was scared, but I wanted to take time to process the experience before doing it again. I wanted to give it that space and time. And so, I fell asleep swiftly.

Jason awoke in the morning and as he rolled out of bed, I excitedly proclaimed “Honey, I astral traveled last night!” He was psyched for me as I recalled every detail for him. We had discussed astral travel before, and he has shared how he traveled often as a child, thinking “everyone did it”. I stayed in bed after he left for work for the new week. I rested my hand lovingly and gently on my soft belly, thanking the little spirit growing within me.

I had found out I was pregnant the very evening I experienced my astral travel. I knew without a doubt, in the moment I was pulled back into my physical body, that this tiny being had been with me on my journey. The baby had been my guide. It occurred to me that perhaps the “whooshing” noise was indeed my baby, deep within my dark protective womb – our dual heartbeats and blood flowing together. Even Jason had made mention of this before I did, making the connection: “The baby helped you travel!” The experienced deepened my already burgeoning belief that this baby was powerful, mystical, a traveler coming to me from the stars and swirling galaxies. What a gift: to be aware of life within me and a few hours later be aware of a whole new life around me – escorted by the divine essence of oneness…of a baby I will meet in June.

It felt good to share this experience in the days following. What felt better was being able to share it with loving people who were intrigued, accepting, excited and non-judgmental. Traveling in the astral realm released me into a new way of being and thinking that has propelled me with anticipation into 2007. I cannot wait to see what it has in store for me.

As for my baby due in June, what can I say? I’m overwhelmed with profound love and great expectation. This experience was only the first of a handful that have connected me intensely with my sage little spirit; I have been led on a fascinating, exquisite path and am grateful daily for the lessons and insights. The door to infinite possibility has opened!

I have not traveled since that enchanting night.


7 Comments Add yours

  1. mb says:

    Can I tell you i am giggling like a little girl over this! Though I got to hear it from your mouth, I have been dying to read about it. I am so serious. I can’t stop giggling!!! The joy this experience brings me…the possibilities are endless for us as humans. This story right here might help to open up that little spot in the brain that seems to be programmed to “i can’t do that!” (be it astral travel or birthing or writing a poem or whatever!) and change it to, ‘F-that, I can do or handle ANYTHING!”

    I love this, Leigh. I love that you explore your parts and use them. Amen.


  2. Heather says:

    I have no astral traveling abilities (but have never really tried) but I believe my brother does. My dad was in the hospital with a brain injury a few months ago, and one morning he was insistent that my brother had been there earlier that morning. I thought he was just, um, recovering, butI asked my brother later if he had been there. He said no, but he had been dreaming he’d been at the hospital all morning. These things have happened repeatedly with my brother. He always said he could astral travel, but I didn’t believe him until that day.

  3. Oh my! I am SO far behind on my reading, I was not aware of this very exciting news! The pregnancy of course (although the astral travel was certainly very cool). I am so very happy for you, and the wise guide you carry within you. Looking forward to catching up on the posts and seeing how things are going.

  4. Linda says:

    Thanks for writing about this, I find it fascinating. When I was younger I had many strange nighttime occurrences. One type was flying outside or floating near the ceiling of my bedroom, and it was of a very different nature from my regular dreams.

  5. Booker 1 says:

    Have ever heard that if you astral
    on the Physical Plane or even the Astrial Plane that you should wear Tigers eye and Turquoise or Onyx
    to prevent others from getting In to your body while your out.

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