I’m Kinda Boring

…and I like it.

Our 6-pack family
Our 6-pack family

ThirtyEight. MamaToFour. Nailbiter. Wannabe. Goddess. Skeptic. Believer. Chaotic. Lactivist. Unkempt. Homebirther. Doula. Grounded. Sensory. Solitary. Goofy. Dreamer. Birthaddict. Wanderer. Vegetarian. Observer. Connected. Napper. Procrastinater. Convicted. High-Strung. Stiletto-Wearer. Hyphenator. Done.

“With marble eyes and skin as soft as moss, she holds my thumb. our spirits entangle. She is party of this Earth, but teeters on the edge.I am not fully aware of how she travels. And I am merely mortal”. For Kaia – 08.02.05

Ummmm, I love to procrastinate and eat chocolate. At the same time, preferably.

I’m raw and messy and rarely put together. My words are my craft and release.

I believe in magic and the ability for our collective energy to heal.

I know some things; they are Truth to me.
There is so much more for me to discover.
And then my task is to UNlearn it all.

Nursing Lyric at 7 Months