Upon the Return

julien and mama

Because, no matter the majestic coastal cliffs

and glints of morningtide sunshine off the lake

No matter the tenderness of sand beneath your toes

and just-the-right-amount-of-crisp pancakes bigger than a dinner plate

No matter the whispers of the pine trees, encircled in assembly

and the vista view in which he says you can see the glow of the lights of Las Vegas at night (250 miles away)

No matter the white noise of primordial waves that sing a song of welcome

and the pizza eaten directly off the box from a picnic table in the mountains

No matter the extent of on-your-knees beauty

and the slow pace of life

and the circular breath of perfect weather

while indulging in the blessed privilege of vacation


There is, always, the simplest of joy and comfort

in returning Home



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