Mama’s Life

There was a post going around Facebook that resonated deeply with me about being a “stay-at-home-mom”.   And the same day I read it, I decided to chronicle my day.    Here you have it…

My Day with Three Kids (and pregnant)

7:45  get up.  Make breakfast and get kaia ready for school.  Gulp down supplements.

8:20 leave for school.

8:50 arrive home. shower, wipe poopy bum, put lyric in bath, work on herbal crafting,  get indigo ready for school (an enrichment program that occurs twice a week)

10:20 leave to drop indigo off.  Stop by store first to get her lunch food.
11:00 walk indigo into school, realize we are there on wrong day, take kaia her glasses.

11:20 go home, get bikes and helmets

11:30 arrive at park with indigo and lyric, clean peanut butter off of lyric who had been bathing himself in it while in the carseat.

12:20 realize lyric has poopy diaper.  I have  3 wipes left to clean him.

12:20 leave to take indigo back to school

12:45 stop at parts store to get car battery replaced.

1:30  eat, clean kitchen, clean living, clean office, clean bedroom, make bed, put peed on blankets in wash, get lyric food, lyric doesn’t eat it, smashes raw egg on chair.  put load of laundry in,  get snacks ready for park, get girls gynmastics outfits ready

3:10 leave to pick up girls,.  grab a bag of cheetos and cheezits for lyric and me.

3:45 gynmastics.

4:40 leave gym, stop to buy wipes and a kit kat at gas station, meet friend and her kids at park.

4:45 arrive at park. unload bikes, helmets, jackets, food.   exhale, solve world problems. hold baby milo.

6:20 load kids in car. take call from jason, who asks if i can bring battery powered lights to a job site in downtown phoenix.  sigh. grit teeth. start to pull out of parking lot. realize left bikes on sidewalk.  get out and load bikes.

6:45 run into chipotle and get kids food.

6:55 stop for gas.

7:10 head into a camping store to browse for the biggest battery powered light for Jason.

7:25 drive into central phoenix to drop the light off to Jason.  Thankfully, all of the kids fall asleep. Exhale.

8:00 arrive to Jason.  He asks if I am in the mood to stop and get him food and I say “Heck no”.

8:05 drive away and feel guilty.  Turn around and offer Jason a bag of apples and chips that I had in my car from earlier play date at park.

8:50 home at last.   Transfer kids to couches.  Take out carseat the kid peed in while asleep.

9:00 wash some dishes for the next morning.

9:10 Indigo awakens and wants to eat.

9:20 fall into bed.


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