Little Love Note

Dear Baby,

I wish for you, baby, to remember that you are loved and cherished and wanted simply because you exist.  Because you chose to be incarnated in my womb, where I’ve had the honor and privilege to nourish you and get to know you, little by little, day by day.

22 weeks sitting sideI am over the moon to meet you in the flesh, to see your face and be suddenly aware of WHO you are.   To let you whisper to me your purpose, the story of your coming, through the wisdom in your eyes.   You are an incredible gift to this family, who is waiting with open arms (five pairs of them!) for you and your arrival.

We are a good family, baby.  Not a perfect one, nor a quiet one.  But we are crazy with our love and with our passion for life.   We try hard to harness harmony, though sometimes it’s more like cacophony.   We create our own music, and you are already part of that tune.
I love you so very much.  Know this, of all things.



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