free will

it has been decided

do you ever feel that way?
like the crank of the slot machine handle
numbers whizzing past

here comes my fate
here comes my fate
sevens all in a row
or perhaps three different numbers

it has been decided

just as last breath and
last heart beat has been too
and so we can rest

we’ve set it in motion, though
from our first breath and
first heart beat
and our whizzing past stars

it was all decided by us

and we forget that part
that we can choose to
surrender and ride it wildly

and also we forget that
a shake of our head
and salt trail from our tears
and scream from the fire

can alter it all

that the decision is
an illusion that we make
more real or less real

every single day
and like the velveteen rabbit
“When you are Real
you don’t mind being hurt.”




2 Comments Add yours

  1. Mattie J. says:

    The last stanza really caught me. I loved that book when I was little, it was one of my favorites. Amazing writing! Beautiful poem!

  2. Christy says:

    the velveteen rabbit is truly one of the best books ever written, for children big and small.

    “do you ever feel that way?”

    oh yes. YES! I’ve much enjoyed reading the more muddled side of your last two creations. true light shines even brighter when paired next to the grayer moments.

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