He Just Is.

Beyond words.

Beyond light-captures.

He is Breath.  Living, organic, renewing, lung-filled Breath.

seven months

love flows in and out

life force

rocking my world


5 thoughts on “He Just Is.

  1. Seriously beautiful baby. I wonder Leigh, in what ways is it different for you this time? Not because he’s boy (although, yes because he’s a boy) but a few years wiser, having sunk deeper into your calling as a birth worker, having experienced two older ones, what’s new this time? Love you so!

  2. he just is AMAZING. and HUGE. third babies turn ya inside out, upside down……..reveal the most revealing and guide you into your deepest self. they are different. 3 is the magic number. (not dissing on 1 and 2 of course! they have their own magic!)
    love yo and him and can’t wait to smushy him with love.

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