child’s play

Though we don’t have many leaves that glow like embers and fall in heaps here in the desert, Autumn is signaled with the blooming of the Ocotillo and bird-thieves stealing seed from newly planted lawns.    Every year I am surprised at how temperatures seem to have no transition:  from BLAZING to BRILLIANT in a matter of days.   From A/C to windows open.   Rubbing our eyes, we emerge from summer hibernation.  Finally.

It is the breath of the goddesses and gods that blow upon our faces now, chapping our cheeks.   When I close my eyes on walks, I swear I can almost smell the ocean.  It is only 400 miles away, after all, the closest mother I have.

So, longer shadows and darker days, welcome.   Let us play!

Again and again they teach me:  

we don’t need direction…

play is self-guided…

play is how we uncover the unique ways we fit into this world…

we don’t need shoes, we need to feel the earth pressed into our soles/souls


Three hours immersed in their own worlds; a blip on their life screens;  a lifetime.

He watches it all unfold from my arms.

Let them Be.  Let them Be.  Let them Be.

finding limits & building muscles
creating a cape

cradled and carried

{cradled and carried}

pondering the depths and expanse and diversity



brushing dino's teeth

{brushing dino’s teeth}


writing secrets with a found feather

{writing secrets with a found feather}




our dark sides

{our dark sides}


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Janis says:

    LOVE the photos and the words!! xoxo

  2. Chelsea says:

    beautiful! love the new short haircuts on the girls – super cute! I am envious of your warm weather, we are waking up to frost on the lawns here and talk of our first snow flurries this weekend!

  3. Hello, beautiful. xo And yes, dittoing Chelsea – I love those bobs. Adorable.

  4. LuAnne says:

    So happy to hear about the windows-open weather. It got a little chilly here a week or so ago (even snowed for 20 minutes!), but now it’s back to warm, sunny, beautiful.

    I love leaving the windows open too…

  5. Mb says:

    I can’t wait to come there other than in dreamworld. My desert loves.

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