a stream of consciousness, unedited, written-with-eyes-closed poem to my baby @ 39 weeks.


wild one
swirling, spiral of life
tucked neatly
and so differently
within my thrice-stretched womb

together we float
you in water
me a few feet above the earth’s carpet
waiting, listening
trying to let the perfect moment happen

my eyes closed as i write
and welcome the breaths
that will follow
and the weight of
your birth

it is more than
simply your entry
it is also your
exit from home
and just as important

i honor
that little death
that must occur
for your to be born
unto me

i cherish this
mystical time we have
together, just us
a silken wrapped secret
the divine, safe

my love
it alternates between
contained and unleashed
bountiful, always
and ready to gush like a tide

soon, we will greet
here, in this space
where gravity pulls
and sisters
giggle and wait

and your daddy
readies his hands
and arms and heart
just for you
our sweet flesh and blood


9 Comments Add yours

  1. brooke says:

    Your poetry always gets me. So beautiful.
    And your gorgeous silhouette ain’t so bad either!!!

  2. You are so stunningly beautiful! How amazing our bodies are, these vessels for love and growth and life. To be so close to your little one, and yet so far away. One and yet two. I hold sacred space for you as you wait for the next step on this amazing journey. xoxoxoxo

  3. You are beautiful. xoxo

  4. rachel says:

    Did you take those photos yourself? They are truly beautiful!!! xxoo

  5. mb says:

    yum. savoring this with you…..
    i love you. i think of you. i wait. knowing so soon, so soon, your hands will hold that baby under it’s arms and bring her/him to up to commune with this new world…this life.

    eeccckkkks! this is exciting. and you are GORGEOUS beyond this universe styly.

  6. Chelsea says:

    Yeah, ditto what everyone else has said. You are beautiful, your words are beautiful, and this moment in time is captured perfectly as you anticipate your new little one with love….

  7. janistan says:

    You look beautiful.
    Thinking of you and your little one and your NEW family…xo

  8. Becca says:

    These pictures are breathtaking! Your heart, head, and soul seem to be in such a great place for this birth. I think about you every day… Isn’t it amazing considering we’ve never met? I love the Internet. Soon you’ll have a babe-in-amrms, the sweet fruit of all this love and patience. I can’t wait FOR you!

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