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I’ve been thinking alot about this.   Who we “think” we are.  How our perceptions of ourselves are formed and how they shift.  How we box or circle or scribble or erase ourselves into categories.   What outside judgements do to our hearts and souls.  How our culture doesn’t support self-reliance and intuition, regardless of how conformist or non-conformist the choice or value or lifestyle is.  I’m pondering the shapes of us, outside and inside.

I think we are curvy and boundless, in body and spirit.

I think that at the crux of it all, underneath the layers and words and masks, is something profoundly perfect.  Profoundly newborn and vulnerable and yet bold as a storm.  A tiny sprout amoung the fields content to sway in the wind, or perhaps stretching towards the sun so it can grow, grow, grow and reach it’s stems towards the others and for the first time feel connected.

I think that even if you weren’t (or aren’t) reminded often that you are loved and priceless that this place right here, this world, this sunshine and air and great wide ocean, love you immensely and deeply.   I think you are wanted by more people and hearts and pathways that you ever can imagine.

What if you allowed yourself the possibility to believe?

I’ve been humbled lately by acquaintances and almost-strangers who have kindly commented “Your writing!  It’s eloquent/beautiful/lovely/inspiring”. As if I have something they don’t have.

And I think, first, “Thank You”.

And then I think “How funny. It is my therapy and my necessary nourishment all at once.  How curious to be complimented on such a thing.”

Then, I sit back and ponder this person and others and think:

But you sing arias like it is your inaugural breath
And you chop veggies with the presence of a monk
And you create works of beauty from looking through a lens and deciding when to CLICK and freeze the moment forever
And you mother like your heart is outside your body
And you dance and spin with fire as if it were your baptism
And you design on paper in 2D what only you can envision in your 3D mind
And you, on 1 hours sleep,  welcome new life with peaceful whispers and kind hands and kisses on the third eye
And you – your laughter is the nectar of the gods and goddesses
And you can craft out of thread and yarn things softer and sweeter than a rose, all with your love embedded in each stitch and loop
And you can organize a desk or bookshelf with the ease and grace of a crisp apple harvest
And you can draw baths and cook a cauldron of soup that heals
And you know exactly when to say a substantial and righteous NO to those people and situations that no longer serve you
And you have a touch that eases worries and quells fears and soothes bones
And you can release it all with the deep sobs like rivers and screams as hot as a dragon’s fire
And you find the extra in the ordinary, the bigness in the fleeting, the miracle in the moment

And the list goes on and on and on.

And I think: it’s magic.  All of it.  Pure magic.   Embellished in human form.

We each have it.  That part of us that astounds others, humbly, over and over again.   Sometimes we fail to recognize it or validate it or ask it to come back up to the surface where it once was.

And so, today, I am reminding you of that THING. I am reminding you that you belong;  among us, among them, among the stars and dreams and wooded trails and urban landscapes.   I am here to tell you that you are necessary, wise, wild, juicy, Known, delightful, splendid in your self-deemed ordinary-ness or outsider-ness.

Oh and yes, I am an expert in this moment right now, so you can trust me.  I’m an expert because I have seen YOU over an over and over again.   And I’ve been intrigued and delighted by you.  I’ve felt you so wholly in my own heart, those times I’ve questioned my own worth.  I’ve thought of you huddled in a corner, barely breathing, vying to survive in a sea of overwhelming questions and confusion.   I’ve wanted to tell you to forget all that shit, forget this shit even, start over in only the way that YOU know how.  Or don’t start over.  Exhale and speak your truth.     And I’ve wanted to hug you for many, many minutes and look into your endless eyes and wrinkle my nose and smile with my own crinkly eyes and say “Yes? Tell me EVERYTHING”.

One of my favorite lovely authors is SARK and she says:

“Remember to delight yourself first, then others can be truly delighted.”

“When we focus on the song of our soul and heart, then others will be touched similarly. Sometimes people wonder or worry whether people will like or approve of their creative expression. It’s none of your business. It’s your business to stay present and focused for the work of your deepest dreams. It might look crooked or strange, or be very odd-but if it delights you, then it is yours, and will find it’s way into other hearts.”

And so I leave you with these other words from SARK, scanned from the well-worn pages of my own copy, penned on the inside with my own mama’s loving words.


9 Comments Add yours

  1. Emily says:

    When I had the chance, and you gazed into my eyes, and I knew you really saw me, I felt everything you wrote here.
    And then I read this, and it just reminded me how loved you make me and many others feel. I don’t know if that makes sense, but you have the gift to really SEE others. And it makes us want to see more of you.

  2. Rebekah says:

    Isn’t it amazing, the beautiful gifts that surround is in the beautiful people they are embodied in? Unique and special and yet also equal in our gloriousness. And also, reminds me how much we need each other, because we would SO be missing out if we didn’t experience what each of us has to offer one another.

  3. You are so generous of spirit, Leigh. This was utterly dreamy, utterly you. xo

  4. dad says:

    All our outer beauty…

    ….and ability to be one with the universe, it’s occupants…every grain of it’s composition….it’s glow and darkness….begins with the communion of our inner soul: that which makes us uniquely human.

    From where does this great gift, soul, spirit come?

    From God?
    From the moment of conception? From the womb?
    From our families and life experiences? Perhaps all the above and much more.

    I believe dear daugher, that we all are born with such a gift. Unfortunately Western Culture and much of the rest of humanity spends it’s energy trying to stamp out refusing to recognize and nurture this natural state of our earliest existance. Or very humanity!!

    As a father of five….I am blessed with several children who, to various degees and in differing ways ,recognize their inner spirit, embrace it and in so doing make our world a better place.

    Your spirit Leigh has been evident from the moment that I first looked into your sparking brown eyes. May they always shine with your special joy.

    Love you,


  5. mb says:

    and YOU. Yes YOU.

    that’s all.


  6. janistan says:

    You are such a gift. Thank you thank you thank you. Many times over.

  7. LuAnne says:

    I agree. Let us all see and never forget our own unique artistry, and hold on to the moments of clarity when we see our beauty shine and we are AWARE.

  8. i love you Leigh!
    if we lived in the same area of the country you would be my closest friend…you inspire me in so many ways. this post is so moving, this is just what i have been needing. i have become so immersed in my everyday that i am forgetting about ME, MAMA ERIN and where i have come from on this mothering journey.

    thank you.
    your such a special woman.

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