I bow to the light in you

for it’s just as much mine

remembering that your hue

can shift;  one moment a blaze of

red as fiery as a woodpeckers breast

the next breath

an emerald green, majestic

in the way it levitates your spirit


I honor your shadows that lead to pause

and the pulling up a chair to grief

so that you can both just sit

and deep gasps

to where your heartbeat

overcomes your body

and moves it, flesh and all,

in rhythm to the surges


Stand here on the edge

of perfect balance

where your maskless

and authentic Self

become the fulcrum

where Fear is finally

met, skin to skin,

and you stay inside

your trembling body for

two moments longer than

you think you can bear


Lift your face to the

union of light and shadow

and be the Seer

with eyes clasped

that watches the charcoal Raven

and the milky Dove

lift you beneath your arms

and fly you exactly where

you need to be


*(free image courtesy of Microsoft DGL)


6 Comments Add yours

  1. crunchy says:

    You are delicious. Your words speak directly to me, but then, I think you speak directly to all of us, because you have that rare ability to see deep inside.


  2. *sigh* such beautiful, raw, savage-like words for me to read this morn. thank you…

    WRO xo

  3. janistan says:

    Thank you, for your words and your beautiful soul.

  4. This is so beautiful, as are you. xo

  5. Sarah-Ji says:

    Absolutely beautiful…thank you for this. xoxo

  6. Rebekah says:

    This is an incredible poem, Leigh! You should submit it somewhere. Amazing!

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