Melting Morning


(Kaia, messy and real)

tangled hair and furrowed brows
titter patter and chitter chatter
“please climb into bed with us”

the desert sun rose hours ago
yet my body remained captive
by vivid dreams and a soft bed

screaming, yelling, pulling, tugging
pushing, writhing, rolling, hugging
“i was laying next to mommy!!!”

burying head into a pillow
breathing fire, too early for ferocity
“girls, please be kind and gentle”

i call out, like a government worker,
“next in line!”, except this time
I mean the next bed

in a blink i am curled into position
comforter tucked against flesh
hiding, waiting, not wanting to be found

he rises, mixes oatmeal and milk
steps into a shower
and leaves us with kisses

too soon, i’m discovered
a little cuddle then a book
shoved into my hands by smaller hands

“i pooped on the floooooor!”
another bugle-call of sorts
on hands and knees, wiping floors

a second round of breakfast
only an hour later
and still my belly is empty

chocolate stained t-shirts
from the oreo they snuck
and chomped giddy under blankets

it’s 10 am and elvis is crooning
while they mold play-doh
naked and unkempt

“mama needs a little rest”
and i’m recumbent momentarily
fixed on the ceiling and my breath

twelve more hours of this
the messes and whines
the kisses and songs

twelve more hours with two
coyotes and two wise owls
and me, the one they guide

i am the one they chose
and i don’t know why
and it doesn’t matter anymore

when my questions are met
with nods, and stares, and hmmmm’s
i think that’s answer enough


(Indigo, my sage)


3 Comments Add yours

  1. jo says:

    Your girls’ eyes really stand out to me. I didn’t realize Indigo was so blond! Lovely, Leigh…

  2. Chelsea says:

    Ahh – I know this morning all too well. I can’t count how many times I have heard that familiar “I was lying/sitting next to mommy” whine… And my kids have 2 rounds of breakfast every morning too – so funny! What a beautiful post – as always…

  3. mb says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY INDIGO!!!!!!!!!!!! and mama leigh, wow, i love you all.

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