I’ve Got…

  • one girl napping in a dress and one watching a ‘toon pantsless
  • a phone that’s awaiting a call (I think I really want to hear from YOU)
  • memories of holding baby Betty, born still and pink and perfect at 32 weeks, and her beautiful grieving mama
  • so many words and so little time
  • great stories to tell about three mamas who birthed almost exactly 24 hours apart, three days in a row
  • an old pal from high school visiting in a few weeks and 14 years to catch up on
  • a visit from grandpa and grandma next week
  • a sexy new media cabinet, with high-gloss zebrawood doors that make me hot and bothered (from IKEA, of course)
  • the taste of four crusty, melty varieties of bruschetta in my mouth
  • the victory of winning S’s self made quiz and the defeat of losing M’s
  • plans to meander back home in the summer, but no money to back it
  • manifesting in the works…
  • gluten-free items in my pantry and recipes bookmarked to start MB’s challenge when I’m ready
  • an ant problem
  • good posture in this moment
  • balmy desert sunsets out my backdoor that make the sky blush
  • an adoration for alliteration
  • the need for a steamy, hot shower
  • an eruption of laundry on my bedroom floor and an eruption of zits on my face
  • kiddy hieroglyphics, in Sharpie, on my walls
  • No plans for the day
  • bushy eyebrows
  • a BCBG sundress slipped on my body, picked up for $15 at the outlets
  • a food stamps renewal appointment
  • a speeding ticket to pay (my first ever – ahem, besides photo radar)
  • four clients due before my summer break, including a mama who was my very first doula client ever
  • waning patience on my exterior but an abundance of it in my heart (tap tap tap, heart, i’d like some now)
  • songs, played on old acoustic guitars, in my ears
  • a webcam pointed directly at me
  • three new lip glosses in my purse, all 75% off
  • two new pairs of crocs for my girlies, in berry color and peacock
  • a wedding ring on each hand
  • a bowl of cereal and a brownie in my belly
  • an overgrown haircut resembling a mullet/bowl cut
  • dreams of the ocean’s haunting call
  • no idea of what to cook for dinner
  • “…rhythm, i’ve got music, i’ve got my man who could ask for anything more?”
  • Tell me what YOU got!
  • oh, this and this…




6 Comments Add yours

  1. marinah says:

    a canvas bag full of very colorful fruits and veggies, a big piece of amber, and a pencil sharpener. I’m so lucky!

  2. mullets are so IN.

    I’m fascinated with the gluten-free thing. Why? How? What’s it all mean?

    Oh, and you’re such a sweet thing. Good you’re not trying to reduce sugar. You exude it.

  3. CLMama says:

    So funny, as I have my first speeding ticket sitting right here next to me on my desk – last Saturday. Not one in 18 years. Ah well. I love your list otherwise, too. We could be two peas in a pod – so alike – love your writing. So sorry that one of your clients/friends lost a baby – that resonates. In my belly: two peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. No plans for Baby #4. I am actually finding peace there. You?


  4. Chelsea says:

    I have: A smile on my face from reading this, and sadness in my heart for lost babies, as a friend of mine had a baby born still last month. I have lots of GF recipes as we recently went (mostly) GF due to my husband’s diagnosis of Celiac. I have a bit of a hangover from the Coldplay show last night, and sore little toes from my new sandals. I have appreciation for internet friends and mommy blogs. 🙂 And, of course I have amazing kids….

  5. marinah says:

    I’ve also got Leigh on my mind and in my heart…I forgot to mention that, carried away as I was with the contents of my canvas bag. Want to have tea with me tonight?

  6. janistan says:

    oooohhh, you’ve been SHOPPING!!!
    so good to read… I love your lists. wanna drizzle more melted chocolate on top and chomp them down.

    I’ve got extremely achy shoulders that could use a massage, two pints of ice-cream to be eaten on the stealth and a belly that needs to go.

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