Untitled for CK

For CK, planning her home birth.   The path you walk is mighty, sister.  May peace and soul surrender befall you.


There is no shadow too dark

that your spirit cannot overcome

in this short time, I’ve seen light

pour forth from your eyes

and emanate like a glowing orb

and it is invincible and gentle.

the boulders along your path

have dissolved into tiny pebbles

and whisper “Come, walk among us,

let us carry you, for we know your travels well”.

they are no longer enemies.

and you notice one, shaped just so

and pick it up into your trembling hand

and feel the smoothness of its edges

and the hollow in its center

worn well with both love and worry

and it feels at home to you

and you realize that it is your heart

and it has guided you to this precise moment

landed perfectly in your step

because it is always there

and its beat and the rhythm of your breath

both synchronize to create that place of harmony

where only love and total, blessed bliss reside

And that moment, it is yours.

Blessed be your light,

oh Goddess of birth and rebirth.


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