Soul Candy

Taking notice of these beautiful things lately…

  • The very large lady who rides her bike by my window every day, cruising with a dog on her leash
  • The sound of whooshing gas when I open the door to my oven
  • White pizza
  • Twenty-two months, interpreting her language, giggling at our understanding of each other
  • Double Stuf Oreos
  • The sound of my husband’s voice as he reads bedtime stories to our girls
  • A misty covered desert at 6:00 in the morning
  • Her emails that never, ever fail to relax my shoulders and provide a nugget of wisdom, even though I can’t seem to write back for days (I can’t WAIT to see you and your babe!)
  • His growth journey, the way his spirit unfolds vulnerable and bare, and yet he chooses me still
  • Unsolicited I Love You’s
  • A natural birth at the hospital – powerful mama squatting atop the bed to birth her baby while the staff remained quiet
  • Early morning blog reading (in place of a newspaper)
  • Our newly-installed rainshower shower head
  • How her shapshots of Missouri’s winding roads give me goosebumps and sent the tears streaming
  • My new, most comfortable bras in the whole wide world
  • Her voicemail and the way the message ALWAYS tricks me into think she’s picked up (the “Hi”…and then delayed rest of the message)
  • My hot tea drawer, full of a selection of yummy, soothing teas
  • Headstands
  • Sharing You Tube videos together, virtually, as we bawled our eyes out
  • Watching Jason string paper lanterns from our Palo Verde trees
  • A love that sustains, the flame that cannot be quelled even through the storm
  • Her tightly wound, perfect curls in the dim light of a Saturday night party
  • The stillness and shadows and sunrays and smell of the birth center I’ll be hanging around more often. The knowledge that babies first breaths will be taken here, amid the moans and sighs of their mothers, and the delicate and skilled hands of a tender midwife
  • Jason in his new Calvin Klein jeans
  • The fact that people take chances on me, lil’ old me!
  • Arguments that end in a lingering embrace
  • Feeling, in my bones, how Jason loves his new job
  • The song of crickets at night
  • Memory foam
  • Undissolvable connection between friends. You (yes, you beautiful one): My loyalty runs as thick as my love and may you know the fold in my heart – carved just for you – says “Come, come, come and rest”. A phone call is seriously coming.
  • Dancing to a blasting “Under the Sea” (Broadway cast version) with my girls, a daily routine and remembering how happy this song makes me
  • British television
  • The way my family and my heart homeland (The Midwest) will always, always be perfect in my eyes. I miss you all.
  • Knowing I know that she knows what we’re talking about without having to say it
  • The way Kaia lets out a tired, sweet, hushed whimper as she finally enters dreamland
  • Burping and hiccuping at the same time
  • The new Banana Republic outlet store down the road
  • Seeing Kaia’s hand scrawl letters onto paper and draw spines protruding from a cactus
  • Talking myself out of half-assed-ness

7 Comments Add yours

  1. Chelsea says:

    OK – first of all – LOVE “under the sea” and we also have a dance parties with this music almost daily! Second – Please tell me about these bras of which you speak – I am in the market and have no idea where to start looking for something comfy yet supportive and non grandma-ish.

  2. God, Leigh, I just totally adore you. Do you know how adored you are?

  3. leighsteele says:

    Chelsea, I’m smiling so big that you dance to “Under the Sea” as well. ๐Ÿ™‚ Oh, and the bras? I edited the post to include a hyper link to them. They aren’t fancy and I’m not sure if they’d be a good match for you (i.e. I’m only a B-cup now!) but they are super comfy without any wires (and I’m usually a wire girl) and cute. And affordable!
    Kate – you are adored also. xoxo

  4. Emily says:

    I love lists of beautiful things! Ok, so now I want to try those bras too…
    When can we meet up, or you drop by, or i drop by?

  5. janistan says:

    Soul candy is right. LOVE how you bring beauty and soul to everything… xo

  6. Brooke says:

    Leigh, Your list makes me beam – watching your mind dance and your heart sparkle. There is such glee in this view of life. I’ll never forget the first day we met and you asked me to dump out my handbag right there in the middle of the Scottsdale park. And then you, in turn, dumped yours out on the picnic blanket and we rummaged through each others lives. Now THAT is a way to know someone! Your list reminds me of this – all the crumbs and favorite lipsticks and ancient gum and children’s toys that make a handbag unique. Thank you for sharing this.

    (Burping and hiccuping at the same time…)

  7. Jane says:

    And you. You are big, sweet chunk of soul candy. You nourish me, soothe me, and give me the sugar shock I need to keep smiling. ๐Ÿ™‚

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