Your return is so welcome

and your spirit is  as big and wide

and as radiant

as ever


The truth is sometimes

we need space and time

to unfurl our wings and learn

to fly


Sometimes solitude is where

we reconnect to the parts of ourselves

we thought we’d

somehow lost  


As if deep in the woods you turn

and in the stream

notice your most

authentic reflection


But then you realize that all along

you really weren’t gone

but simply planning your

best return


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Hey Leigh!

    This is Krystle..we are meeting on Monday for our 1st appt 🙂 I could’t remember your website name, so I typed your name in and found your blog. I love it! I have a blog if you wanna check it out…

    Just thought I’d stop by and say hi!

  2. Jane says:

    Oh. Thank you so much. I didn’t even know I needed this until I read it, but I did. And I do. And I will.

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