Hope Song on Hope Day

Time to breathe
Fire and wind
Let it all out
Years and years of it

Do you hear the sound
of hope?
Can you feel it curl
in your bones?

Tell me what you see
when you give your
heart permission to
dance wildly

Tell me what you hear
when you let your
voice rise within
What is its song?

Is it a Josephine Baker
covered in slinky red
and crowing into a mic
on a dewy Memphis night?

Is it a Bob Dylan
blowing in the wind
of the Kansas cornfields
as the sun rises

Is it shit-kickin’ Willie
rambling across the
backroads and coasts of
every place you’ve never known

Perhaps yours is Joan Jett
in boots along Sunset Strip
emblazoned in tattoos
and sounding like a cigarette

The sound of hope
I hear the chorus
all around
and today mine is just

Sweet land of liberty
To thee I sing


2 Comments Add yours

  1. I was actually proud to be an American yesterday. What a glorious day!

  2. K says:

    hope indeed comes in many forms, both personal and of larger form. It feels so good to think our country is resonating with it’s glow. people are not afraid to feel it now. and that feels good.

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