My Good, Better, Best Half

If I could get
everything I ever wanted
you’d be it

Wrapped in a
chocolate bow, standing
that very smile

And you’d hold me
with those strong hands
like that, always

While I sang you
a sweet tune about
our very own love

This love of ours
it ebbs and flows
it just flows

And the ebbing
is just so I can
how good it all is

So dance with me
and don’t forget to
inside this heart

I invite you in
uninhibited and completely
fearless and howling

To this moon, tonight
As it ripens with
guiding our steps

As we dance together
in the hoopla of this
our very own love


6 Comments Add yours

  1. oh, sigh. just sigh.

  2. Jane says:

    Lovely, lovely love.

  3. Doulala says:

    I love your love.

  4. Jeanette says:

    He’s a lucky, lucky boy – and you’re a lucky, lucky girl – and it brings me to my knees that in this imperfect, crazy, messed up world – you two find your way back to each other over and over and over again…which really, when I think about it – is just how it should be…that no matter what, you find your way back.


  5. Kelly says:

    Love the sound of your love….everyone wants that kind of love. Some of us that have it tend to forget it. Thanks for the wonderful reminder that it does not exist just in romance stories!.

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