Better Late…

I’m good at standing you up, eh?

Don’t count on me to post frequently anymore.

Between crashing out early when I put the girls down, to figuring out life since Jason got laid off 6 weeks ago, to recovering from an incredible 2 week road trip…life has left me little time for writing.

For those who peek in on me every now and then, bless your sweet souls.

I have much to say – of visions as deep as the ocean and love as sweet as whipped cream – but my body is resting now. I have been hiberating as I do at the onset of most every “winter” here in the desert. It feels right, like the first warm snuggle into your comfy sheets and blanket after a long, hard day.

I wrapped up my incredibly intense and profound year of attending births on Halloween night (a baby born in a hospital under just the dim gleam of a flashlight, held by me). Some magical stories to share with you all someday. I have a flurry of beautiful clients due in January and February and anticipate another year of learning, awe, and sweet-smelling baby heads. 🙂

So, don’t check in on me often. If you have google reader or something of the like, you may see me pop up.

And so, happy solstice and magical holidays to you all.

p.s. I still read your blogs. Oh yes I do, in speed reading fashion.


6 Comments Add yours

  1. So sorry to hear about Jason’s job. We live in constant fear of Mr. Gearhead being laid off. He has survived 3 rounds so far, but as everyone knows, the auto industry isn’t doing so great right now, and it feels like our life could fall apart at any moment. I hope you guys find a place of stability, and soon.

    And yeah. Not a lot of writing going on here either. Or picture taking. One day, I’ll do those things again. Maybe …

  2. clmama says:

    Oh I always peek in, assuming just as you said. Sounds like life is treating you all super well; hope your husband’s job situation is whatever you wish it to be. Hard times, indeed. I suspect you always see the bright side of things. I am in a writing slump again too. Comes and goes. Would love to hear your stories though, whenever you’re inclined. Merry Holidays, Leigh.

  3. daisybones says:

    Love you:) Will watch for you on Facebook. A zillion blesings to you & yours.

  4. mary-jo says:

    leigh ~ i have no idea how i found your blog ages ago, but i wanted to let you know how much i admire you, your outlook and your words. you are able to see the beauty and light in any situation, something i strive to do every day. you understand that whatever is happening, it is just a speck in time and life is beautiful, no matter what.

    happy holidays and i hope you and your gorgeous family (oh…those girls and their big, bright eyes!) see the next window of opportunity open soon.

  5. Chelsea says:

    Thinking of you and your sweet girls and hoping things turn around for Jason in the job department soon. Not a lot of blogging on my end either, I have to force myself to do one update for the kids a month…I love hearing from you and seeing your girls’ cuteness on flickr…
    xo happy holidays

  6. Liesl says:

    You’ve got a lot of things to handle, Leigh. Write when it suits you, when it’s satisfying for you, or when you just feel that need to write. Your blog will always be waiting for your words, as will we, your loyal readers. I suspect that every blogger goes through periods of not-so-much posting, followed by times of many posts. Don’t worry about it 🙂

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