Just a’ Swingin’

I love it all.

The creaking of the metal clamps that hold the chains (I swear the rhythm of the creaking is the exact tune of the intro music to “Star Wars”).

The sun-worn rubber seat, more pink than red.

The breeze that is always temperature-perfect on my face.

Bare feet kicking and toes pointing in the air.

The smile that practically lifts itself to my eyes.

The giggle that emerges from deep down, often unheard in these parts.

The slight g-forces felt that tingle from head to toe as I lean my head all the way back, eyes closed, trusting the laws of gravity and momentum.

The knowledge that, in this moment, no one needs to look beautiful and put together.

The pumping of my legs, strong and useful.

The way that swinging (ahem – on a swingset) never fails to enliven and revive a tired body, dislodge a sticky heart, and bring back the zest of childhood.*

***************************************************************************************** I have been getting in some good swinging time lately, now that the winter months have arrived in the desert for a bit of hibernation. Alongside my girls, I take gleeful rides in the mid-morning sun. Life is good then.

I’m thinking swinging is therapeutic. I’m thinking that next time I’m frustrated or mad or impatient, I’ll force myself to swing for a few minutes.   Now, if I could just get a roller coaster installed in my back yard, I’d be the poster child for Momentary Intoxication.

When was the last time you gave it a good go on a swing?

*Done with a flowy skirt on, sans underwear, is even better. 🙂


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Ahh, nice breeze. (wink)

    This was such a lovely bit of prose…!

  2. Autumn says:

    A couple times a week actually – it is relaxing and smile-inducing. I tend to ignore the odd looks from the other adults at the park who, (I’m sarcastically sure), would be swinging alongside their kids if the swings came with a cigarette holder. 🙂

  3. Oh, how I love swinging! Our park days are over until spring, but I would typically give M a big push, then climb on an adjacent swing with Sophie in the wrap, and get going myself. Many a nap was induced this way (for Sophie, not me *wink*).

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