T-Shirt Sharing

A quick submission I sent to my friend Nino’s brand new blog Happiness is the New Black.

“She fell asleep in just her Pull-up, my chocolate-eyed, three year old daughter. After I was sure she was snoozing soundly, I pulled back the covers and felt warmth radiating from her tiny body. Still so small in her Bigness, my heart melted a little more. I gently slipped her arms and head – matted, sweet smelling hair and all – through the holes of the soft t-shirt I had worn just minutes prior. My own heat still lingered on the fabric and I hoped the familiar aroma of mama would keep her content through the night. It looked like a dress on her and I was awash in gratitude and pure bliss in that moment: my girl, turning into such an independent spirit, traveling in dream land, her skin as soft as a rose.”


One Comment Add yours

  1. Ninotchka says:

    I adored it. Keep the happies coming. Your cup runneth over, my sweet friend!

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