Blog Shmlog

Dear Blog,

Time is like dark chocolate stashed in the house. It doesn’t last long. And I’m always wanting more.

It’s been a long two months. Sleep deprivation, ear infections and colds, babies who won’t sleep, raging tempers, Oscar-worthy meltdowns, timeouts…my household seems full of insurgents of every kind. As such, you’ve been as neglected as this body of mine, this body that aches with the tension of motherhood and whose eyes burn. A body that houses a hip bone that surely could be patented for the way it’s been permanently molded to fit Indigo’s growing frame.

Still, the desert warms like a fresh-baked cookie and the sunsets bleed of Technicolor. The birds in my backyard sing and argue their teensy hearts out. This backdrop of nature exhales for me when my body can’t, keeps my blood pumping just enough so that it doesn’t boil.

And Father Time’s hours and minutes torture me; creeping when the girls are screaming simultaneously while I’m on the phone and then zooming quickly when they finally relent to the begging call of sleep.

So, sweet blog o’mine, stick with me. You aren’t forgotten. Rather, words like “tired! desperate! insane! weary!” and the occasional “for f*ck’s sake!” (thanks, Kayrene) are the only contributions I’d have been able to make during these first months of the rat year. You deserve better.

In the meantime, be well while my measly stats fizzle.



PS to my fellow bloggers whom I adore: just know that I’m still visiting your blogs and being way too half-ass to comment.


15 Comments Add yours

  1. I’m here! And patient, mostly.

    But YOU are my chocolate. Just wanted to let you know.

  2. AwakeMomma says:

    Its a-okay to step back when things get busy. We’re here waiting, but patient. And don’t worry about half-assed – I just used the “word” a-okay. : ) I think we’re all a little tired.

  3. Megan says:

    Been wondering where you’ve been. I guess I didn’t think about how much different the life of a mama of two is from a mama of one. Sofia sends Indi and Kaia kisses! Thanks for the update, but drop me a line or give me a call when you get the chance.

  4. Chelsea says:

    Oh sweetie – I hope things settle down a bit for you soon. I have been thinking of you and missing your updates.

  5. Joanna says:

    Missed you super much, Leigh. Was about to e-mail you. Can you be more eloquent, especially in times of sheer exhaustion/mama-frustration? What IS it about February? Most of my Mama-blogger-friends seem just this way. I just wish I was in Arizona too. I need some form of a sunset; snowblindness is causing me headaches daily now.

    Loved this post. Find your time and get thee back here –

  6. Ninotchka says:

    Love you and your fabulous candor. Hang in, sweet friend. Lord knows I’ve been there (and sometimes still am). What Mother hasn’t? Honestly? I don’t know a one. xxoo

  7. Jena Strong says:

    Argue their teensy hearts ago… damn, you can write.

    This post echoes my sentiments exactly. But I’m still here.

  8. Sarah-Ji says:

    Your post made me think of the Small Is Beautiful Bloggers Manifesto

    Your contributions to the Blogdom always make me smile or nod in recognition or well up with tears, so thank you for that. I’m sending you all the peace and love my heart can muster.


  9. Sarah says:

    We’re still here…you’ll make it back soon, I’m sure of it. Everything goes in cycles anyway…:)

  10. Lots of love to you my dear. This baby isn’t even earthside yet, and I still can’t find the time or energy for my blog. I feel ya.

  11. Courtney says:

    Still, the desert warms like a fresh-baked cookie and the sunsets bleed of Technicolor. The birds in my backyard sing and argue their teensy hearts out. This backdrop of nature exhales for me when my body can’t, keeps my blood pumping just enough so that it doesn’t boil.

    I love this. Thanks for the udpate and hang in there!

  12. isabel says:

    i hear you.
    and it is all good.
    which does not mean fun or easy or what you want or wish for. but your words are with you, alive in you, and will be here when the time is right.
    sometimes we just do what we have to do. And this is enough.
    I will always be here, checking in, reading, sending you love.

  13. mb says:

    oh you so know i am here with you, walking next to you, holding your hand this whole way.

    i have said For Fuck’s Sake so many times lately my eldest said it the other day. SHe also said, ‘let’s just get in the damn car.” Oh what a horrible awful no good mother i am. I swear. and so now she does as well.

    writing in a blog? let’s see, right now i am all about: drink at least one glass of water a day, eat a handful of walnuts at some point so i don’t collapse, and keep all THREE of them alive.

    you’ll never have to write again and i can still feel your creative brand forever in my heart’s mind.

    love you so much. let’s start a mama commune.

  14. Rebekah says:

    I am right here with you, Leigh. I was horrified to see that I’ve only been updating my blog about once every MONTH. Ugh. Like you, I also keep updated on all my favorite blogs. Especially yours, my friend. =)

  15. lieslf says:

    I love your writing, Liegh, and I’ll around to read it however often you end up posting. It is hard to post with two little ones around, I know. Even when I find time to write a post of more than a few lines, I’m too tired or brain-dead to put together a paragraph of any succintness, let alone style. I think this happens to every blogging mother!

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