Reeling Me In

Damn you, Anthropolgie*.

And your unspoilt, aloof models casually lounging on the perfectly worn arms and patterned fabrics of antique chairs. How dare you make trouser pants and chunky heels with ankle socks look so easy. And, as my perceptive friend T commented “You know you are skinny when you can look good modeling while sitting down”. Post-baby tummy fat rolls take note.

Just went I’m all ramped up about The Story of Stuff, and simplifying, and being a quasi-Compactor in 2008, this arrives in the mail in all its vintage, shabby chic, circa 1920’s Ivy-League/farmhouse/romantic glory.

I have now managed to slowly study the beautiful layout and images of each page each time I down some Trader Joe’s dark chocolate truffles (read: often). I even wrangled Jason long enough to give him peeks and ramble on about my ideas to mix modern and retro-shabby (I never thought I’d admit that). The good man he is, he entertained those ideas and even squeaked out a few words of agreement.

And while the whimsical and ruffled frocks are certainly drool-worthy and quite thankfully a few dozen Jackson’s out of my budget (first person to buy me this wins BFF award), I’m more consumed with the exquisite re-use of vintage finds and “useable art”. Can you spot the ingenious use of old metal flyswatters, bowling pins, shoe forms, and empty wooden frames?

And shouldn’t every girl be so lucky to have stacks of enchanting, cottage-like linens in their guest rooms and red leather pumps sprouting from their garden?

But oh, how I love you for your use of the word “wonky” in describing a skirt on page three.

**Anthro-apologies are in order for any design freak or clothing lover who had not previously been exposed to this line.


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  1. janistan says:

    Is there a club for people who drool for Anthropologie but cannot afford to buy it? If there is, I ought to be President. I wish i could live on their photo sets. And, now I know when I am “skinny”- when i sit down and layers of flesh do not form. Ah, enlightenment! 😉 Maybe in 20 years, I keep dreaming…

  2. marybeth says:

    i have long been obsessive with this store. there was one down the street from where i worked in Santa Monica. A two story version. Yeah. I used to scour the sale room on a daily basis…and I still couldn’t afford it.

    But here is what I think. A once a month thrift (vintage)-outing, all day, sans kids, and you can come up with terrific pieces and mix-match as lovely as they do. They just find inspiration by walking the streets of Paris…looking and taking note at all the young women wearing french vintage attire. right? ah, well, trying to make myself feel better.

    love u

  3. Chelsea says:

    I seriously have to just throw the catalog away when it comes in the mail now, it hurts too much to see all the cuteness that I know I can’t afford…

  4. isabel says:

    Beyond the I can’t really afford it issue, why must it all be dry clean only? Those days are long gone for me. It’s all about the wash and wear. I’m afraid if I let myself buy the clothes I really want than I’d become weird about protecting them, refusing to live my real life in them, which is very messy.
    Oh, but a girl can dream.

  5. Joanna says:



    Chicago has a store, if you aren’t aware and are ever up there again…

  6. marybeth says:

    HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    we love you we love you we love you

    and we are thankful you were born.

    smooches, and hugs and a smack on the fanny.


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