My post, “The Space of Birth” is up at Earth Hearth.   Good times.

“The light of a singular candle flickers, its sea-inspired aroma lingering. Silky tapestries dappled with soothing pastels move fluidly with the breeze from the fan. The air is humid and warm, full of anticipation and ancient memory. A bed, littered purposely with pillows of various sizes and thickness, awaits with freshly smoothed and laundered sheets. Like a protective lioness, low moans emanate in harmony with quietly sung chants, and the occasional sound of water being swirled by fingertips; the soundscape of birth. Breath, deep and intentional, becomes the new song.

In this protective cocoon, there are no strangers. As the sun peers through the curtain, a new life emerges into this space. This is the space of my youngest daughter’s birth.”

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  1. Shawn says:

    Hi, Leigh –
    I’m delurking to say thanks for the great blog here and for your work with Earthearth. It is a wonderful read. I have been reading momma blogs for over a year, and flirting with the idea of starting my own. I am especially grateful to have found moms like you, along with sweet/salty, misplaced mommas, and others with gentle beauty. Do you have any wisdom to share on the process of creating a blog, balancing time to write, and networking? I am at the edge of the diving board and already holding my nose, but the feet just won’t leave the springboard.
    To any who would like to share, please feel free to email me at
    Thanks again for the frequent inspiration!

  2. AmericanMum says:

    Really enjoyed the post and thinking about what a sustainable birth environment would look like. And as doulas don’t we all have a fantasy of designing our very own birth center? Thanks for fueling my dreams…

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