Salute to YouTube

The YouTube phenomenon has swept the nation and invaded my own home. Videos, of all kinds, at your fingertips 24/7. Here’s one helpful (read: for the lazy) tip on the wonder of YouTube, courtesy of my own finding: I hate to admit it, but YouTube rocks for trying to multi-task on the computer when your 2 year old really, really needs your attention that minute.

  1. First, sit your kid on your lap.
  2. Then open two tabs in your Internet browser: one for your work (email, blogging, online shopping for stilettos, etc) and one for YouTube for your kid. Minimize and drag each window to the perfect size so you can see both at once.
  3. In YouTube, type in anything your child likes, such as Elmo, kitties, or talking parrots. Beware: the nature of YouTube is such that you never know what you’re gonna get, so seek and find with caution.
  4. Remember to “favorite” the video if your kiddo likes it. This will make future viewing much more efficient.
  5. Now, voila! Your kid watches the video in one window while you work in the other. Perfect! This should buy you a good 5+ minutes of time.

Here are some of Kaia’s recent fav‘s.

This crazy “Wheels on the Bus” video by a Madonna impersonator is…weird.

Elmo and Andre Bocelli singing together. So sweet and soaring!

Grover and Elmo singing “Accidents Happen”

A silly video of talking cats and dogs.

The triumphant and grand “O Sole Mio by the Three Tenors

Dan Zane’s “Hello”

Dan Zane’s “Jump Up”

Okay, ANYTHING by Dan Zanes.

Here are some great favorite kid videos from the Sweet Juniper blog:

And as much as I sometimes dig on YouTube, I must say there are some videos that quite simply make my day.

So, to share the joy, the below links are videos that make me so very, very happy. Care to share yours also?

Courtesy of my bro, John D and Johnny C singing together on a show from the 70’s. Two legends performing a legendary song in unique harmony. Blisses me out.

A recent fav from my friend Jeanette. A clip from Sesame Street circa 1977 (ahem, year of my birth) showing groovy Buffy breastfeeding.

A gorgeous place in Missouri where I believe my spirit resided lifetimes ago.

An oldie but goody. This was one of my fav‘s from, discovered over five years ago. I was thrilled to locate it on YouTube and I’m telling ya, these guys make my day. Reminds me of lazy, crazy college dorm days in which there was nothing better to do (haha) than lip-synch into a webcam.   And the song is smooth and yummy.

Now for my top Broadway favs at the moment:

“Agony” from my all time favorite musical “Into the Woods”

“Moment in the Woods” from “Into the Woods”. Truly, such a poignant and bittersweet song. I will blog about this musical someday…

“Defying Gravity” from Wicked. I literally get goosebumps and teary-eyed when I see this powerful song performed. This was my “homebirth” anthem during Kaia’s pregnancy.

“Popular” from Wicked. Kristin C. is hilarious and so incredibly talented.

“La Vie Bohemefrom Rent. Come ON! It hardly gets better than this funky, “f-you” psalm for all bohemians and life-lovers alike. I listen to it when I need to release steam or rock out with my tribe. It hold special meaning, as I saw the show on Broadway and met Anthony Rapp afterwards. ” To being an US for once, instead of a THEM…”


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Sarah says:

    Felix and I came across that Mad’Donna video the other day too! It’s fun!

    You described our techniques exactly and we have many of the same favorites. Check out “Free to be You and Me” for some 70’s fun… 🙂

  2. amygeekgrl says:

    we’re (reluctantly) big fans of youtube too.

    a few of ava’s favorites (that i’m sure kaia would like too) are:
    the muppet show “mahna mahna” (warning – it WILL get stuck in your head) –

    kermit “lime in the coconut” –

    and lately she’s been watching these russian videos of the equivalent of pinocchio (though it’s a musical) – Buratino. i’m not sure how she stumbled on them (note to self – watch her more closely when she’s on j’s laptop), but she LOVES them. 😉

    and she also like this one (russian as well):

    cracks me up the way she gets so engrossed in these russian videos.

  3. Kelly says:

    AHHH Missouri!! The wonderful greenery. Sometimes I miss it so much I can’t stand it. Especially when we have warm years like we are having now. The only way to get that kind of green here is to use lots of water….in a land with a drought (spelling doesn’t look right) not a great idea.
    Sad really, I never realized how green it was until I lived in AZ for a few years and went home for a visit. It seemed so gloriously green.

    The Sesame Street video surprised me, I don’t ever remember seeing that one (and I was old enough to have seen it). Surprising that people have no problems with letting their children see dogs/cats/rodents etc. nurse their babies, but have such fits over watching humans do the same NATURAL thing.

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