Departure in October, The Magical Month

For MB


I never thought I was ritualistic

And then today I caught myself

Lighting patchouli incense

So that I could light it again

And remember the smell of the room

The day you arrived

To say goodbye


Then there was my choice of outfit

A red, red shirt

And white sweatpants

Like my heart bleeding

All over a spotless moon

The day you arrived

To say goodbye


Rigged like a warrior

Obsidian resting near my neck’s hollow

(You said it would protect me from fear)

Leather cuff pulled to wrist

(I noticed you wore yours too)

The day you arrived

To say goodbye


When you pulled in the drive

I choked and called on something

To give me courage

“You can do this”, I said

“Just like you are folding these towels”

The day you arrived

To say goodbye


Your belly was 6 months ripe

When we first met

Now you are 6 months succulent again

But we are parting

Guess it’s not coincidence you glowed

The day you arrived

To say goodbye


You were a salve

That healed one of my wounds

Now less visible on the outside

But another scar is etched on my heart

Proof of

The day you arrived

To say goodbye



8 Comments Add yours

  1. Bobbi says:

    I am crying…how beautiful! A touching tribute to an amazing friendship…

  2. New Mama says:

    Lovely. Truly, you are both lucky to have been so close.

  3. isabel says:

    Oh Leigh, I am aching for you.
    Having had the chance to meet mb in person, know the radiance of her presence, I can imagine how deep this loss is for you.
    What a beautiful tribute to her, your friendship, the love you have known in the other.
    I am thinking of you, knowing the sadness and loneliness and bigness of heart as you open wide to release her, keeping close that which can never be taken.

  4. No words … just hugs.

  5. americanmum says:

    I found you through a succession of clicking blog after blog that seems to be tied up in the same friend-circle – a friend-circle, that, it appears, to be in my own location. With women in it who are real, and have values such as my own. Where I’m going almost-crazy from being surrounded by people who don’t care about environmentalism, human rights, self-search, me. I realize that this is sort of weird and that I’m cringing as I type this, but…we people in this desert need to nurture each others’ like minded souls before we dry up completely. I’ll leave it up to you what to do with me.


  6. Ninotchka says:

    Wow. Just wow. Sending you lots of love! xxoo

  7. mb says:

    i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you.

    landed in cali. 10 minute limit on internet. will call soon.

    you hold my hand wherever i go.

    (i sobbed for 10 miles past anthem by the way. bad day to wear mascara.)

  8. Joanna says:

    Oh friend, I missed this! I have been waiting for your words on it – and I missed this somehow. Beautiful, loving poem. You are awesome, Leigh – you’ll be friends forever, don’t you worry about that ;).

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