Boobs and Dawdling

Holy Mother of Science**, Mastitis is a Pain in the Boob!

I’m not sure why I used caps in that sentence, as if it were a book title. Anyways, yesterday I came down with a terrible case of Mastitis. I mean, I could have handled it if it were really just a case of having a sore, infected boob. But the “Flu-like” symptoms that accompany it? Get out of town, they were ridiculously awful. I was writhing, moaning, and crying my way through the prior night when the fever and chills and aching hit. I was so weak and dizzy and sore the next morning that a life-saver of a friend watched Kaia all day long.

I am ever grateful that Indi is an easy, mellow baby or I would not have been able to take care of her either. She gladly obliged me in frequent naps and in being held in arms while I blankly started into the void of my living room and sank my heavy flesh and bones into the sofa.

I trudged my sweaty body to the naturopath yesterday afternoon and got me some probiotics and a homeopathic remedy (Phytolacca decandra). I was wanting to avoid antibiotics, but was only going to give the homeopathic remedy 24 hours (I’m traveling out of town next week with the girls – sans Jason – and certainly didn’t want to be dealing with Mastitis then). I ramped up on vitamin C, Echinacea rest, fluids, and nursing, nursing, nursing.

The good news? As of this morning, I’m 100% better. No flu symptoms (aka “run over by a school bus” feeling), no sore boobs, no problemo. Guess that stuff worked!

Anyways, in the meantime I have nothing of substance to post about, so here’s a quick list I put together last week called:

Things I’m Putting Off…Mostly out of Pure, Decadent, American Laziness.

  • Thinking about any form of birth control
  • Purging and organizing my pantry
  • Doing laundry (I’m in a constant state of putting this off)
  • Cloth diapering (I’ve put this off until I finish catching up on laundry. As you can see from above, this presents a problem).
  • Focusing on potty training with Kaia (she’s showing so many signs that she’s ready)
  • Getting my oil changed (DONE!)
  • Weaning Kaia from binkys
  • Indulging in a haircut and brow waxing (DONE!)
  • Encouraging Kaia to establish a tooth brushing routine
  • The thought of growing old(er).*
  • Scheduling a dental appointment for myself
  • Calling our landlord about our apparent high water usage (a guy from the water company was actually sent out here a week ago because of the high water usage. He said there seems to be a leak somewhere…)
  • Picking up the dog poop in our backyard
  • Buying any new clothes (because I cannot fit into most of my clothes. Even my “big mama” clothes. Sigh. This is for another post…)
  • A simple, easy, short daily yoga practice
  • Eating really balanced meals
  • Being anxious over Indi transitioning to “sleeping on her own”.*

*These may actually be the only productive things I’m putting off.

**Line stolen from the Curious George movie, which I’m in love with for 2 reasons: The folksy Jack Johnson soundtrack and the fact that CG is so heard-expanding, melt-me, adorable that I I think CG resembles my babies when they are tiny and it makes me insanely happy and nostalgic.

P.S. I’m also indulging in a recent love affair with comedian Dane Cook. Jason is OK with this.


14 Comments Add yours

  1. Hey, you stole my list! 🙂

  2. Glad to hear you’re feeling better. Homeopathy rocks!

  3. Joanna says:

    Oh you poor woman. I so need to learn more about homeopathy. Glad you are better – do share what worked. You are awesome!

  4. Doulala says:

    Ouch! I’m happy that you are feeling better.

    Most of those things on your list can be put off a bit longer. 🙂

  5. mb says:

    I agree with Maisha, most of that stuff can be done leisurely. relax. it’s all a-happening. EXCEPT putting off birth control. GIRL….my mom had kids 12 months apart. NO JOKE. buy some condoms. you’ll thank me later.

    i am so sad you were sick. but i am glad you are better!


  6. so glad you are doing better! i used wishgarden herbs mastitis remedy when i thought i had it (turns out it was probably just a plugged duct), but that helped me a lot. continue to take it easy so you can be sure you have fully kicked it to the curb.

    and don’t worry about your list. it will all happen in time. you are surely not lazy, just a busy, busy mama!

  7. Rebekah says:

    Oh, I am so sorry that you’re dealing with us. You might know that I had 3 different cases of mastitis after Ronan was born — within the first 5-6 months, I think. Once when I was in CA and I was as sick as a dog that time. Just awful. Hang in there, take Motrin if you feel comfortable doing so, and LOTS of hot/warm showers and baths. (Gentle) hugs!

  8. Aimee says:

    Great list. I’m right there with you on the new clothes. I need some, too.

    I got Mastitis and it was just like you, horrible. Glad you got over it fast. It took me a few days longer to get over it. Next time I’m going to try your remedy.

  9. Megan says:

    I hear you with the buying new clothes — stepping foot in a regular-sized clothing store depresses me beyond belief (and I can’t start running again next week cause of my latest “procedure” and I’m totally jonesing for it – which is totally weird in and of itself)

    also, dane cook? really?

  10. Isabel says:

    Feel better soon.
    And go easy on yourself.
    And god be with you as you look for new clothes. 🙂

  11. Liesl says:

    You poor thing! Lots of sympathy from me – I had mastitis in July. I was at the park with the kids, started feeling dizzy, and by the time we walked home 40 minutes later I had a raging fever and ached all over. I had just enough energy to call the midwife for help and my husband to come home from work. And then the kids and I went to bed with Sesame Street until help arrived.

    Keep on resting and do things a you are able, and no more. You don’t want a relapse, and mastitis takes a while to recover from. Hang in there, and feel better!

  12. ellinghouse says:

    glad you’re feeling better. And for the rest of your to-do list…I feel ya and am right there with ya!

  13. Chelsea says:

    Yikes on the mastitis! So glad you are feeling better – and I LOVE the new haircut – so cute! Relax and take it easy while you continue to recover – don’t stress about your list – those things can wait – just be the great mama you are and love your kids and all will be good…

  14. Housefairy says:

    I am so sorry you went throught this. It is a really underreported and hard, hard thing. It is so hypocritical of me to say this, but “they say” it can be caused by doing too much 🙂

    Doncha love the irony?

    But, try to take it easy, if that is at all possible. Enjoy your adorable new hair, and as for the clothes, my gosh, mama, you JUST had a baby. 2, really. If a couple of pairs of jeans in a bigger size that you want to be in are what it will take for you be dressed right now, go for it. Seriously!

    I was and still am all about the long flowy skirts. With them on, noone needs to know that my tummy and all the rest of my lower body resemble playdoh mixed with oatmeal. 😉 With a long flowy skirt on, a tshirt, and maybe some converse low tops, for all they know, I have a secret smokin’ bod under there, heehee!


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