Camp Trip from Hades

This is my family…

 This is my family after a horrid weekend camping trip (the first for my girls), complete with moquitos, no showers, teething 2 year old without naps, sick mama, and consequently sick family functioning on no sleep…   



9 thoughts on “Camp Trip from Hades

  1. OMG you rock woman! Camping, already?! My husband refuses to go until next year, LOL. FWIW, you look great – all of you – even with the sleepless bags under said eyes :). Lovely family you have –

  2. Honey,

    You should have listened to Kaia. It is obvious from her expression in the first picture that she didn’t want to go! Haha.

    Hell…..Bobby and I looked better after an 11 day, 90 mile backpacking trip at Philmont! Come on home….you can camp in our woods and I’ll fix you guys some yummy fresh veggies from my garden.

    So far….I have canned 80 quarts of green beens, 6 pints of Lima Beans, 4 quarts of soup beans and 21 quarts of tomatos. Another 30 quarts of tomatos and I’ll be set and prepared for gallons of homemade chili and veggie soup this winter.

    See you in September.



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