My 100

My 100 List

Things to do or accomplish before I die.  Not comprehensive and in no particular order.  (Note: for some reason, I couldn’t get it to publish this post with numbered bullets. Argh! You’ll have to trust me that there are 100 here, if you even care about those kinds of things.)

  • Attend a silent meditation retreat.

  • Hike the Appalachian Trail.

  • Learn how to cook and be an appreciative cook.

  • If cannot accomplish #3, hire a cook.

  • Visit a nude beach.

  • Learn to slow down.

  • Make meditation and yoga a daily practice.

  • Travel to every continent (minus the Antarctica)

  • Meet Brad Pitt.

  • Visit every state in the U.S.

  • Live in a commune.

  • Grow my own food.

  • Live in the woods, on lots and lots of acreage, somewhere green with seasons.

  • Camp on the beach.

  • Birth a baby autonomously.

  • Live in sustainable housing/generate our own power.

  • Own a vehicle that runs on SVO.

  • Live to see a woman become president.

  • Live to see the day when marriage for ALL people becomes a reality.

  • Learn to love veggies and fruits.

  • Birth a baby head first.

  • Become a healthy, conscious connoisseur of food.

  • Take daily walks with my husband and/or children.

  • Invent and patent something.  Preferably something useful.

  • Catch someone’s baby, other than my own.   Just once.

  • Have an active sex life until the day I die.

  • Publish some writing.

  • Astral travel again and often.

  • Sky dive.

  • Scuba dive.

  • Create and own a wildlife/animal sanctuary.

  • Homeschool my children.

  • Volunteer for hospice.

  • Take a cross-country road trip.

  • Attend a yearly gathering with my tribe.

  • Run a half-marathon.

  • Donate money on a yearly basis.

  • Visit the great pyramids.

  • Visit Stonehenge.

  • Surf.

  • Learn reiki.

  • Become a certified childbirth educator.

  • Complete my DONA certification.

  • Get LASIK surgery.

  • Get hypnotized.

  • Learn to play the guitar (for real this time).

  • Attend a drumming circle.

  • Do 100 sit ups in a row.

  • Annually print a year’s worth of photos and place in albums.

  • Take up photography again.

  • Smoke a true peace pipe, ceremonially.

  • Foster a child.

  • Build a shelter with my own hands.

  • Soak naked in hot springs, high in the mountains, surrounded in snow (like MB did).  

  • Go snowshoeing.

  • Go all gray or all-white when it’s time.

  • Sing in a musical revue.

  • Interview my family ala StoryCorps.

  • Become fluent in sign language.

  • Renew my wedding vows barefoot on a mountaintop at sunset.

  • Compost.

  • Grow an herb garden.

  • Ride a zip-line across a body of water.

  • Have a tire swing in our yard.

  • Build our dream home.

  • Help my husband build a hefty retirement account.

  • Ride in a helicopter.

  • Have no debt.  For a long, long time.

  • Write down my nightly dreams.

  • Write a children’s book depicting each of my children’s births.   Have it bound and illustrated just for them (not for publication).

  • Take more dance lessons with my husband.

  • Stay in bed all day (willingly, of course, and preferably sooner rather than later).

  • Learn archery (just for fun, not to hunt).

  • Learn to drive a stick shift.

  • Quit biting my nails.  For good.

  • Have past-life and birth regression done.

  • Cry more often.

  • Attend Burning Man.

  • Flip a house.

  • Stop being a wuss and donate blood.

  • Build a really cool tree house.

  • Travel to a jungle.

  • Take my children to Havasupai Falls and camp for a week.

  • See Wicked.

  • Ride lots more rollercoasters.

  • Never be too proud to apologize.  To anyone.

  • Meet Kate.

  • Conquer my true fear of roaches.

  • Finish reading “Atlas Shrugged”

  • Teach a college course.

  • Coach a speech team.

  • Honor my body. 

  • Experience zero gravity.

  • Swim with a dolphin and sit with a gorilla (not in captivity).

  • Learn circular breathing and play the didgeridoo.

  • Indulge myself once a year in a $1000 shopping spree.   Then come home and donate a bunch of stuff.

  • Create New Year’s “intentions” each year.

  • Learn to sew and make a dress.

  • Create and maintain a vision board with my family.

  • Visit the SETI institute and the Very Large Array.


7 Comments Add yours

  1. Isabel says:

    I love lists of all kinds and this one was phenomenal.
    You were meant for a rich and wild life.
    One question. Can you tell me what a vision board is? I’m so curious. I want one even though I don’t know what it is! Do tell.

  2. Phoenix says:

    Ahhhh! I want to do so many of those things too, lol. You have quite a great list. Makes me want to consider what would be on my list! And you know what? My brother-in-law’s girlfriend just visited Stonehenge. I’m so jealous of her.

  3. mb says:

    I love it! Okay, i want to help you with some of these like…when you come to Washington this winter (:-) we will soak in hot hot springs with the snow fluttering around us…okay? that would be sooo rad! i plan on soaking at least once a week during this pregnancy till the end. hey maybe we can even snowshoe in to them?

    and can i travel to a jungle with you?

    love you wildly wonderful list woman.


  4. Brooke says:

    Leigh, You make me want to sign up for so many of these! As the years go by, I hope we will accomplish some of them together. If you ever want to train for a half marathon, just say the word.

    For now though, nursing and mothering your two little girls seems like more than enough to keep you very busy. You certainly are an ambitious soul to be a month out from an amazing homebirth and already compiling lists of more to do. I guess an adventurous spirit never rests. Mad, mad love to you Leigh.

  5. Joanna says:

    Love your list, Leigh :). I saw “Wicked” and it’s terribly worth it. So many of your things are on my own list – why don’t I doubt you’ll accomplish most of them?

  6. Housefairy says:

    i think you will do marvelously at all 100 of these things 🙂 I really really do

  7. nopathatall says:

    Sounds wonderful
    So many things to do


    What happens if you do nothing?

    Do you miss out on everything?

    Is your life empty?

    What are these things to do anyway?

    Do they even exist?

    What will you do when you are done?

    Certainly you should experience doing nothing

    Definitely you will want to do nothing

    Then you will find doing nothing is as

    Interesting as doing something

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