Chop Suey

Okay, go here for a really good laugh at Kaia’s expense (poor thing).  Call it her well-intentioned “birthday present” from little Miss Mia Rose.

Then, go here for the “after” photos.  Whatcha think?


8 thoughts on “Chop Suey

  1. OMG it is PERFECT! Amazing! Super cute! ( I have to tell you both – MB and Leigh – that something must be going around, as my good friend’s kiddo, age 3, just got a chop-job from her brother last Monday; she, too, has this awesome chunky layered bob now; so funny! The kids all look great with these cute trendy cuts, for what it’s worth!)

  2. She is absolutely chic, gorgeous, adorable…perfect. Megan is right, she looks a lot more like you with that bob. super cute…i wonder what will happen to mia’s hair when we go this weekend?

    Since I wet down Sula’s hair, the big chunks that gotten snipped are now quite obvious.

    love you!!!

  3. I read about the new ‘do on mb’s site. OMG I almost snorted milk when I sw the pictures. Her hair looks quite cute after a little refining of the edges.

  4. I love the title to this post. I left a comment on MB’s post.

    I think her post-cut do is ADORABLE. She wears it well. Boy, does this ever bring back memories!

  5. awww. i love her new ‘do. she looks sooo cute!

    ava has been threatening to cut her own hair lately too. there must be something in the air. 😉 hide the scissors.

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