Voodou Mama


A post about my Blessingway coming shortly. But in the meantime, how about some 36 week pregnancy photos taken afterwards by the talented Mrs. LeBlanc? Yes, she’s my friend. My very good friend. Aren’t I lucky?  

She wrote a blog entry about these photos and I just can’t summon up any better words than she did. She captured every detail, every emotion and feeling of that day in which my friends hung out all afternoon helping me with the photoshoot.

Did I already mention that I’m lucky?

Then go back and check out her Flickr site so that you can gasp in awe at the beauty and artistry of her photographic captures.


12 thoughts on “Voodou Mama

  1. Those are some seriously amazing photos – I’m so very envious you live near Jeanette and can benefit from her talent. Also envious of your lovely belly – so smooth and stretch-mark free! You look beautiful. Wow.

  2. Wow! Wow. I am in awe of both model and photographer. Would you please rub some baby voodou magic on me again this month? It worked last month… I need just a little more, if you don’t mind. 🙂

  3. Leigh,

    These are so beautiful! I cannot wait to meet you all someday. Blessings on your family during this very special time.

  4. As I told Jeanette on her flickr site: She’s good (excellent, really) but really, it’s almost cheating when the photographer has such a beautiful subject as yourself.

    Seriously, these photos are a treasure. May you and your family enjoy them for generations to come. Just think how proud your kids* will be of their gorgeous Mama!

    *I almost said “your girls” — do I know something???? I wouldn’t count on it. I’m horrible at guessing these things. 🙂

    Love you bunches!

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