A Pregnant Vision

“Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens” – Carl Jung

To liven up a wall of our rental house – and remind myself of the blooming artistry of my girl – I tacked up Kaia’s first creation in paint over a month ago.

Yesterday, I cast a casual glance over at the red and blue strokes of her brush and softly gasped. Amid the slightly chaotic swirls of color, I noticed an image in that painting, one so clear that the white background of the paper disappeared into the stucco of the wall behind it. The figures I saw seemed to breathe with anticipation and sway with a channeled force.

Indeed, she had drawn a vision of the birth of our newest baby! I saw me, in the center squatting with warrior-energy (my third eye bold and blue) and sinking into the deep embrace of my husband behind me. In front of me, a wise and dear friend firmly and lovingly grasps an arm and a leg for support. There I saw white space in the middle forming the “inverted pyramid” symbol of the divine feminine, the sacred womb. Off to the side, another figure seems to be cloaked, but is connected to the scene using their diamond-shaped energy waves, the same shape Kaia sometimes forms by touching her index fingers and thumbs and stretching them in acute concentration. Is that our baby already born, in red on the floor? Is that my placenta? Is it simply life-giving birth blood? Some aspects of the image remain puzzling. The awareness that unfolded in the impassioned work of my child stayed with me all day; a day of ease.

Last night, I assumed a breech tilt position in attempt to persuade my “maybe-breech-baby” to turn. Resting my feet on the wall next to Kaia’s painting, I told my husband that I saw the scene of our birth in her work and only mentioned that I noticed distinct characters. Immediately he validated my theory and said with conviction “Of course! I see it too.”

H. Jackson Brown, Jr. was quoted to say “Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye.”. Perhaps my heart soaked up the intentions of my mind and manifested itself in Kaia’s abstract image. Perhaps the scene will morph and shift as the days nearing my birth pass, bringing new meaning and knowledge. But perhaps she knows something I don’t, in her still-fresh from the womb perspective, her inner guide. Either way, I welcome the calming, affirming energy that the juxtaposition of her deep indigo and vibrant sanguine markings arise in me. The connectedness – the mystery and fluidity – of life and birth, all wrapped up on a crinkled bit of art paper.

***Go to my Flickr to see the notes I added to the painting. Who knows, maybe you’ll see something else???


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  1. Kim says:

    Dearest Goddess sister,
    Yes I am still alive! Thank you for checking my neglected site, I swear to update it soon! Life’s good just busy. I check your site a couple times a week to check up on you and your beautiful family. What an amazing painting. What a special little faerie you have there! I get goosebumps thinking about your birth. You are so perfect and deserving.
    Mine will come in time.
    Thinking of you….did you enjoy that BlueMoon as much as we did?!
    Much love to you and blessings!

  2. Amazing. And very powerful.

  3. Dad says:

    Dearest Leigh,

    Pardon me for barging into this world of women but….I clearly see the images which you described. My dear little Kaia has a third eye! As you said many moons ago “she is not entirely of this world.”

    Anxiously awaited the birth of my second grandchild…..little Sylvan Mint Steele.

    Love all of you,


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