Things I’m Lovin’ Lately, modeled after Brooke’s 2007 Spring Hit Parade.

  • Trader Joe’s Chamomile and Grapefruit Sea Salt Scrub. I rub this sweet smelling scrub all over my belly (and sometimes my thighs and bootie) in the shower and get my circulation going. I always imagine it’s like a warm little hug for the baby.
  • Trader Joe’s Sprouted Wheat Bagels. I was bummed to notice that they have enriched flour in them, but they are so yummy.
  • Jergen’s Natural Glow daily moisturizer. This gives just a tiny hint of a sunned look, which is perfect for my pale skin.
  • The current breezy Arizona afternoons and mornings. We leave our doors and windows open and watch as the curtains blow and dance in the wind, and bougainvillea leaves blanket our floor.
  • My tribe of girly friends. We are planning a new moon circle/celebration amongst us every month. I can’t wait for the first one this week!
  • The blooming ocotillos in the desert.
  • Not knowing if our baby is a girl or a boy, nor having a name for the sweet one. I love the mystery.
  • My husband’s spontaneous moments of increased domesticity (a man is never sexier than when he’s scrubbing a toilet!).
  • Lazing with Kaia at the parks during the day, watching her point out airplanes, stack rocks, and run gleefully down the tiny hills.
  • Waiting eagerly for the Blessingway my friends are planning for me, up North in pine country at the end of May (I am constantly told it’s going to be amazing. I have no doubts).
  • MB’s luscious, aromatic chamomile flowers in her garden
  • The PostSecret website
  • The DailyOM website
  • Camel pose and child’s pose in yoga (when I remember to be good and do yoga)
  • Deva Premal’s chants and the Audio Visions soothing station on XM Satellite Radio
  • My daughter’s eagerly followed nap schedule (unless we are away from home, then she gets plain grouchy)
  • My new adventure with Chiropractic care. After two appointments, I feel incredible! And who can resist a Chiropractor with a business name of “Sacred Touch”?
  • Taking baths with my daughter in our garden tub (where I accomplish three things all at once – relaxing and soaking my pregnant body, scrubbing up my grubby girl, and spending quality time with her). Usually, Jason takes her out and lets me have my own time in the tub, where I add lavender bath salts and lotsa warm water.
  • How my daughter pronounces the word popsicle
  • My $2.50 jersey knit black skirt from Last Chance (functions as maternity and non-maternity wear)
  • Wearing turquoise jewelry and jewelry gifted to me by friends.
  • Granny Smith apples. I actually close my eyes when I bite into them and savor every crunchy bite, envisioning how kind the Earth is to furnish this perfect, tangy fruit for me.
  • Pablo Neruda’s sumptuous poetry
  • My daughter’s sun-kissed shoulders in her summery tops
  • The Sun magazine. The only subscription I rushed to my computer to renew right away for fear I may miss one sentence, one word, one nugget of wisdom.
  • Marinah’s homebirth circles, a room full of sacred, vibrant, questioning, bohemian energy.
  • Hunting (and asking the universe) for meaningful treasures for the birth altar we are creating.
  • The shakes and jiggles and kicks of my womb-child in the morning.
  • The smell of incense
  • Copper liquid eyeliner
  • My husband in his vintage-washed Gap jeans
  • The anticipation of a quick trip to San Diego to cavort in the mother ocean, smell the salty sea, and dig my toes into the warm sand.

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