Sometimes, the planets align just right, and the stars twinkle just a little bit brighter, and the energy we send out comes spiraling back at us. Call it serendipity, fate, karma, coincidence, divine intervention, “the law of attraction”. I like to just call it life.

My blogger pal Nino and I have been riding on the same wavelength the past few weeks. In early March, she posted this photo to my amazement. Only about a week prior, I had opened my little jar of Maybelline dream mousse blush one morning and found this blushing heart starting back at me:

I had, in fact, not used any more of it because I’d intended on taking a photo and posting it. Then, Nino’s photo showed up. Over a month and a half later, I’m still haden’t touched the blush and decided I really needed to post the photo. A sweet reminder of all of the love floating around in our world, appearing in the strangest, most mundane of places.

Then, Nino wrote about her recent speeding ticket foray. I have a story too. You see, I also had a clean driving record. No tickets, no accidents in my 14 year driving history…u ntil three weeks ago, when I received – not ONE – but TWO photo radar speeding ticket notices in the mail on one day. Yes, big brother in Scottsdale, Arizona rakes in approximately 2.5 million dollars each month in photo radar citations. My fine? $162.00 EACH. And there I was, the photo of my sleeply self, driving to a doula course at 8am on Saturday and Sunday morning. I got each ticket within one minute of each other (on each day).

Don’t I look totally engrossed in the road, or perhaps in solving one of the world’s great problems (most likely I was contemplating the irrationality of driving about 60 miles across town that early in the morning)? The other citataion photo is quite a bit blurrier, so I’ll spare you the details and not post it.

I decided I would appear in court and try to plea with the judge to allow one of the tickets to function only as a warning. I’d cite my clean driving record, the fact that I got BOTH in the mail on the same day (so, seriously, shouldn’t one be a warning? That just doesn’t seem fair), and I’d probably make sure I wore a shirt that really showed off my pregnant belly. And I’d waddle in pathetically. I figured I couldn’t pass up playing the pregnant card. Maybe I’d even throw something in about getting laid off last month. Laid off and pregnant. Ohhhh yeah.

Fast forward to a few nights ago. Jason and I finally watched “The Secret” after my constant urging for him to please download it. I know everyone is blogging about the simple, perfect wisdom of movie, so I won’t bore you with details (yes, it’s powerful), But I will tell you that the “Law of Attraction” began working it’s magic the next day.

First, Jason got a call the next morning from a prospective client who is in love with one of his designs and wants to build a spec house. He meets with him today to discuss the plans, on his 29th birthday.

Then, last night I got a piece of mail from the City of Scottsdale. Inside was one sentence: “The above captioned and numbered citation is found by the court to be invalid for lack of a proper signature, and therefore, it is oredreed that this citation is hereby dismissed without prejudice.”. One of my photo-radar citations has been dismissed. Just like that. No me waddling into the court, 30 week pregnant belly bursting from beneath my shirt. No pleaing, no begging, no wasting my time in the court system. Just dismissed.

Other random abundance: my FICO score has increased 80 points in one month, I got a Chiropratic appointment booked within 24 hours, a friend called today offering to have Kaia come play (after I’d just been trying to figure out what to do with her while I attend my Chiropractic appointment), and as I was opening a new CD that I ordered Jason looked down at it and said “What is that?”. When I responded “Deva Premal”, he smiled and proclaimed “I just downloaded that at work today.”. Mind you, this is a random, unheard of (at least by me or him) CD that I’d just happened across while browsing When I asked if he’d ever heard of her, he said “Nope, I was just looking through the music server and it was on someone’s list so I downloaded it”. Talk about being on the same wavelength.

So, following a few months of an abundance of seemingly negative energy, I’m ready for the wave of radiance and positivity. And perhaps next time I am dealt a “bad card”, I’ll be able to figure out how to release it to the universe and turn it into a sweet winning hand.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. em says:

    Hmmm… I am getting more and more intrigued by this “secret”… I guess I should just bite the bullet and watch it!

  2. New Mama says:

    What a nice post. I love that you’re always so positive and enthusiastic about life. I wish you lived closer so I could meet you in person…I get the feeling you are truly a wonderful friend to have.

  3. Jeanette says:

    Yup – New Mama, you are right, she IS a wonderful friend to have:)

  4. mb says:

    The Secret. Ah ha. It certainly has taken the world by storm. Love it. Love it.

    I got the samephoto in the mail once…8 months preggo, going 50 down Osborne Rd. Bill opened the mail and said I got a ticket I Tried to deny the ticket to Bill, insisting that HE could have been the one driving. He looked at me, looked at the papers in his hands, passed them over to me…sure enough there I was, sunglasses and all.

    I am so happy you are bringing to you all you need.

    Wonder why I am bringing to me the shit going on in my life right now? hhhmmmm…..

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