I Think, Therefore…

I’m awarded? A few days ago, I read Amy’s blog and smiled as I shared in her happiness at being awarded the “Thinking Blogger” award. She is constantly sharing, questioning, connecting, and pondering a plethora of topics with thoughtfulness and grace (and much more diplomacy than I can ever tend to muster) on her blog. And her kids are adorable.

Then I saw that I was one of the women she was passing on the award to. Shocked and humbled, I read the rules and was pleased to know that I now have the honor of doing the same. How fun. How unique. How…tough!

Ye who know me also know that I am blessed to be surrounded by an incredible tribe of women, both in and outside of the blogging realm. I am drawn to the honesty, wit, and the relentless inquisitiveness in their writing. I am magnetized by their energy. I am filled to the brim – my spirit overflowing – by their unhindered love. And then there are blogs that I read as more of a lurker, and still I laugh and cry my ass off while I entangle myself in their stories of life.

The rules state I’m supposed to choose five women to bestow the “Thinking Blogger Award” upon. None of these will be a shock to any of you, as they are blogs I frequent every single day. But I frequent them because they make me think. A lot. Thank you to each of these women for allowing me to take a little piece of each of them with me along my journey. They are between every space, comma, and period in every post I write. Plus, I think they all probably have an obsession with shoes, which is a value I highly commend and was an important factor in my decision-making process. J

MB of Misplaced Mama – C’mon, I don’t know many women who think as much, or as creatively and openly and as effervescently, as this womoon (just read her most recent post). Her thoughts are sometimes the color of newly-ignited fire, or the passionate hue of purple, or the deep mystical color of turquoise. And when those colors bleed and mesh, she is a legendary rainbow.

Brooke of Urban Earth Mama – Brooke’s writing is as savory as a gourmet meal at sunset atop an Italian villa (yes, really). You can taste, and hear, and feel the words through the screen. Her talent for doing deeper (and deeper still) with her writing make her a sage for every women and a consummate story-teller. She is vulnerable, powerful, and everything in between.

Kate of SweetSalty – Kate is one of those witty, candid, and authentic writers that I strive to learn from. How she strings her animated thoughts together is beyond me…I just know that she creates magic. You can’t leave a post of hers without chuckling or peeing your pants and later you find yourself saying “Ohhh, there was so much more to that. I really get it now.”

Jeanette of Crunchy – Jeanette would say “But I haven’t blogged since January!” I know that. We know that. But I’d be remiss if I didn’t 1) Tell you to go back and read some of her incredibly fluid posts about her kids and her struggles and triumphs and 2) Demand you view the compelling thoughts and emotions that her amazing photographs evoke. Her ability to capture life through a lens – life that flows in each of us – is nothing short of a “thinking woman’s” talent.

S of Gearhead Mama – Shasta is a soul-searcher with an engineering mind. She tenderly, but courageously, opens up about her past experiences and her fears and dreams. She leaves some questions unanswered and others with vividly brilliant discoveries and nuances. She is blossoming wildly in her ambitions and you can watch as her heart melts onto the screen when she writes about her daughter.


9 Comments Add yours

  1. mb says:

    Oh come one. You know I don’t think. But seriously. You are so sweet. I love you.


  2. mb says:

    see, i don’t think. i meant to write, “come on” NOT “come one”.

    if everyone in Scottsdale is getting boob jobs, can i just get a brain job?

  3. Authentic? Ha! I fooled you all. I am actually a 300-pound trucker from Indiana named Carl.

    Thank you leigh! How sweet, I am very honoured. Next time I go by your neighbourhood I’ll be sure to tweak my air brakes and give you a nice, long honk. 😉

  4. Jeanette says:

    mb – oh – I’d love to see you with a boob job – even a fake one 🙂

    Kate – How’d you know I have a thing for 300 lb truckers?

    leigh-leigh (oh, my sweet leigh-leigh). This is just your attempt to make me feel guilty. Pure manipulation – this award. I know it….I’ve been thinking about writing. Soooo often – every new thing Julie does, every thing I learn about myself…but somehow I just cannot seem to do it. Maybe you can come over and take notes as I talk (’cause I have no problem with that) and then transcribe it all into a blog post for me?

    Thank you my sweet.


  5. amygeekgrl says:

    you are so sweet and have such a way with words, leigh. love ya!

    i’m looking forward to checking out your picks. 🙂

  6. Maisha says:

    I really wish Jeanette’s nomination would get her writing again. I really miss reading her stuff. Her pictures are great but I’m a reader, I can only be appeased by pretty pictures for so long.

  7. Ninotchka says:

    You are SO deserving! I’ll have to check out the new-to-me blogs you shared. If only I could catch up with the ones I already read. I’m so behind!

    Love & Hugs to you my dear friend,

  8. Congratulations! And thank you, my dear Leigh, for honoring me in such a way.

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