Birth #6

My 6th birth as a doula, under a waning crescent moon, on one of the chilliest of mornings this season…

I am still reeling from an incredibly inspiring home birth I attended yesterday. It was perfect timing, as my Mom is in town for a week and could watch Kaia along with Jason. Also, I had gotten a full 8 hours of sleep before my client called just before 6am.

My client was a beautifully serene, totally trusting, and completely relaxed picture of a birthing mama. Her total labor was about 13 hours, which floored me because it seems so quick for a first time mama! She was a Hynobabies Mama and it showed through and through, from her calm acceptance of each moment and the way she lovingly flowed as each wave became more intense. I witnessed how her eyelids would flutter closed through her birthing waves, and noticed through the fluttering the way her eyes would gently roll back into her head.  After the wave gradually melted away, slowly and quiety she would come back to us, open her eyes, and remain in her “bubble of peace”. She seriously awed me. The natural hormones she was releasing into the air almost put me and the rest of the birth team to sleep! We laughed about being in a serious birth high, a lovely, peaceful haze. Luckily, as her labor shifted, so did the intensity of the hormones and we found ourselves totally aware and awake again.

Mama immediately pulled her baby to her chest and, in a moment, seemed to memorize every detail of her entire being and body…or perhaps it was because she already knew her. Baby gazed at Mom intently, letting out a wonderful cry with tiny arms wide open. It was an intimate moment, almost too sacred to witness. As proud Dad moved to his wife’s side, after watching her powerfully birth his daughter from the best vantage point, he exclaimed with joy: “That was the most amazing thing I have ever seen in my life! What a miracle!”

While sitting on the bed and holding my clients hand, positioning a hand mirror so Mama could watch, and supporting her leg during pushes, I managed to juggle getting some snapshots in. I laugh recalling the memory of somehow managing to quickly hold the camera up above the midwife as soon as baby’s head fully emerged. I later reviewed the pictures with Mama and the birth team, and found it turned out to be an amazing photo; just baby’s head, eyes wide open, checking out her new home while her smooth little body remained inside of her mama for a few moments.


With Mama’s permission, I’ll share more details at a later date. Either way, I am again reminded of the natural and intuitive beauty, the surrender, and the awesome power of birth. And birthing Mama’s. And new life.

This birth rounded out my measly (but proud!) birth tally to: 3 home births, 3 hospital births (only two of which were medicated and one of those induced). I have my last client due in April, which will be a fabulous, natural birth at a hospital with a birth tub! I’m hoping a few more clients will fall into my lap shortly…


4 Comments Add yours

  1. mb says:

    how beautiful!

    and i so love how you change your ‘look’ all the time. so unattached to one thing. it’s awesome!

  2. Heather says:

    Ooh, I can’t wait to hopefully hear more about this story.
    I like what you’ve done with this little blogsite too. Nice redesign : )

  3. Maisha says:

    I love reading your writing! It sounds like a beautiful birth. You’ve done as many home births as I have in a much shorter period of time. I think I might be jealous (kidding). I knew you would be an amazing doula. I’m so glad you are following your path. Much love to you and congratulations!

  4. It sounds like a totally amazing birth. I am just now taking my own tentative steps on the path to becoming a doula … it is inspiring to read your stories.

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