2007 Intentions


It seems fitting to post about my intentions for 2007, as many of my dear friends have done so recently.  I hesitate purposefully to deem them “resolutions”, as I find this term can hold negative connotations if these commitments aren’t maintained.  While I love the central word of “resolve” in the meaning, I prefer to think of the areas of focus for the 12 months as those of positive, loving intentions.  And though I will also focus on the more emotional and spiritual parts of my journey, I will keep those close and honor their sacred purpose within my body and mind.  But I also firmly believe that releasing the following intentions into the universe can only reap me great benefits with the flow of life-affirming energy and validation – like colorful prayer flags blowing gently in the breeze. 

In the middle of last year, I was determined to take on my intentions in three months chunks of time.  For me, this approach allowed me take it slow, to me mindful of my path, and to really focus on the connectedness of my mind/body/spirit.  It was methodical, which is what I needed at the time.  First, I became vegetarian.  After three months, my goal was to become more aware of environmental issues and thus we became committed to recycling and sensitive to our environmental impact.  During the holidays, I even enjoyed purchasing some Fair Trade gifts or hand-making a few.    

2006 was a year of connecting, seeking out meaning, and a lesson in dancing to the music of life.  I learned that we don’t always have to keep time, but it’s the movement and the immersion that really matter. 

Friends, family, and my own inner work have inspired my intentions for 2007.  I am so eager to engage in it as it all unfolds before me and within me. 

First Three Moons, On the Heels of the Winter Solstice:I finally am delving into my desire to learn yoga and practice the art meditation.  With the help of my Fairy friend, and Yoga teacher, MaryBeth – I start prenatal yoga classes next weekend.  I can scarcely wait for the time to relax and go deep, to connect with my cells and my growing baby, to be present and yet at peace.  MaryBeth’s spirit is pervasive and perfect and she will help begin my year with glowing magic. 

Second Three Moons, Celebrating the Spring Equinox:By de-cluttering and simplifying my space (both physical and mental) I seek to create an open, inviting, loving space during my last trimester for my new family. 

Third Three Moons, Basking in the Summer Solstice:Focus on simply being a conscious, surrendering, giving, warrior Mama to two babies and a purposeful wife to my soul partner. 

Fourth Three Moons, a Reverence for the Autumn Equinox:Renew my passion and intention for my doula career in the Fall.  I have so many exciting plans, and know there is much to offer the world of mamas and babies…and healing for me.  Our new one will be about three months old and I figure I can begin to step back into the doula role slowly but surely. 

At some point during all of this, my husband will become a registered architect (what an accomplishment!) and our house will be some stage of being built on our
New River land.  And, I will be a Stay-at-Home-Mama, a lifelong dream.

What lies ahead?  The essence of abundance, the renewal of life and rebirth, and endless possibility.  And a marvelous new addition to our family circle.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Heather says:

    I am also hesitant to make resolutions, especially about things that are not quantifiable. But I like this idea of intentions. Like when you practice yoga, you set an intent…I’ll have to think more about this and maybe post about it.

  2. mb says:

    you are such an amazing and inspirational woman. you unfold your magic simply and humbly,leigh, and i am so grateful for that. it teaches me more than you know.

  3. I really like the idea of intentions … it makes a lot more sense than resolutions. You are so gentle and loving with yourself … I like that your intentions are all about caring for yourself and the ones you love.

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