Just sharing some of my favorite homebirth/natural birth slogans. Add yours to the list!

· Endorphins are the New Epidural (my personal contribution)

· Birth – Every Home Should Have One

· Made at Home, Born at Home

· 8,000,000 Years of Evolution Can’t Be Wrong

· Childbirth is Not a Disease or a Medical Event

· Give Birth Where You are the Boss

· Birth is Safe, Interference is Risky

· Trust your Body, It’s Perfect for the Job

· Look What I Like to Do in the Privacy of My Own Home

· It’s Never Too Early to Start Keeping Your Kids Off of Drugs – Have a Natural Childbirth

· Empowered Childbirth Starts with Informed Childbirth

· Natural Birth – Safest for Mom, Safest for Baby

· Peace on Earth Begins with Birth

· Midwives – Protecting Normal Birth


And to sum it all up, remember that…

“Well behaved women rarely make history” – Laurel Thatcher Ulrich


8 thoughts on “SloganSilly

  1. This interested reader would like to see more pictures for Kaia. (Please delete this message after reading …. and adding pictures.)

  2. “Give birth where you are the boss.” I LOVE this one, and it totally sums up why my next birth will be a homebirth (assuming there is a next birth, lol). I don’t have any good birth ones to add, but my friend had her son dressed in an adorable lactivist shirt the other day … it said “mothersucker” on it!

  3. Home birthing….

    ….makes the best mommy and babies.

    I had a perfect mother and was born in my mothers bed: May 9,1947. That old iron bed, in which I entered this world, is still in our basement bedroom.

    The doctor came by my parent’s rural home three times to check on me and mom during the process. He charged $5.00 for each visit. I plopped into his hands during the third visit. 9 pounds and 6 oz. of chubby baby boy.

    Fifteen bucks total bill. A bargin in any era!


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