Obviously, I’m a bum. I’ve had no energy, time, or inspiration to write in over a month. I’m in that writer’s funk, that fog, where it seems that nothing I could write would be even remotely funny, witty, inspirational, educational, or worthwhile. Then I remembered that really…I write for me. So, here’s a quick story that came to my mind that made me laugh months ago.

I cherish my subscription to The Sun Magazine, which is perfectly and succinctly described on its website as: Personal. Provocative. Political. Ad-Free.” One of my favorite sections called Readers Write “asks readers to address subject on which they’re the only authorities.”. The monthly topics provided are “intentionally broad in order to give room for express.” Recent topics include “Change of Heart”, “Guns”, and “The Bedroom”.

On our way to IKEA (my Happiest Place on the Earth), I was content being engrossed in the Readers Write section, lapping the words into my mind like a kitten to milk. Jason asked that I read something aloud to him and so I began to read each of the paragraph long submissions about the topic “Falling”. Some wrote about how a literal fall in their life mirrored an emotional fall from grace, or a slip on the path along their life’s journey. Some wrote about falling out of favor, out of love, or in love. Many had an air of sadness surrounding them, especially the few that described the writer’s witnessing how their parents’ bodies were literally falling apart, breaking, slipping away.

After each story, Jason grew increasingly disturbed, emitting a quiet heaving breath, which I attributed to his sensitive nature reacting to the depressing endings. Finally, after finishing two pages of stories, (and one in particular about a tourist in Italy witnessing a bride falling down a flight on stone stairs that led to the sea), he blurted out with exasperation: “Arrgggh, these people are so clumsy! I turned and started at him with confusion. Then I laughed at the realization that I hadn’t mentioned to him that each story followed the theme of “falling”. He had no clue; I’m sure feeling like he was trapped in some kind of story-telling Twilight Zone that attracted clumsy writers. When I explained this to him, he breathed a sigh of relief and then requested “Go on… It tickled me to witness his naivety and I chuckled most of the way to IKEA. I adore my husband.

Sooooo, I guess you had to be there.


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  1. Mama says:

    No, you didn’t have to be there. That is SO funny!

  2. mb says:

    oh my i love readers write in The Sun. I almost think that is the best part of it.

    And no, that IS funny. It was like I was there. Too cute.

    good night

  3. Oh how I love The Sun. It’s the only magazine we subscribe to that I devour, cover to cover, on the day it arrives. I come close with Mothering and Brain, Child, but The Sun … I just can’t put it down. And I never make it through an issue without crying either.

    As for not wanting to write, I feel ya sister. I went through that a few weeks back, but feel myself pulling out of it. When I’m ready to write, it just rolls out the tips of my fingers, and for a while, the feeling just wasn’t there. Perhaps pushing out of my comfort zone would bring some surprising results (like in photography, you often get your best pictures when you’ve taken every shot you can think of, and force yourself to go on … that’s when you get really innovative). But bah. I’ve just been too tired …

  4. Forgot to say that I love the graphic you have for this entry. Priceless.

  5. leighsteele says:

    I just LOVE you Sun Magazine fans. It truly is priceless and devourable. Amazing, honest, raw, unafraid, unchained writing.

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