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Go Veg

Five months on a veggie diet (“veg-o-matic” as my Pops would say) and I’m feeling good physically as well as consciously, knowing that a vegetarian diet is more than just healthy for the body…it’s healthy for our planet! I can feel the universe hug me. Check out some of the incredible ecological effects of vegetarianism.

You’ll help reduce pollution

You’ll avoid toxic chemicals

You’ll help reduce famine

Love Meat? Factory Farming…

For a brief, animated (as in flash-animated) look into factory farming, visit The Meatrix.


Adbusters is “a global network of artists, activists, writers, pranksters, students, educators and entrepreneurs who want to advance the new social activist movement of the information age. Our aim is to topple existing power structures and forge a major shift in the way we will live in the 21st century.” This is an incredible website; chock full of shocking and intellectual information on advertising, culture, social consciousness and much more. You could peruse this website all day long. You MUST check out their spoof ads, which are more than just clever…they are thought provoking.


I’ve always been utterly torn with my lackadaisical decision to use disposal diapers on Kaia. Every time I walked to my garbage pails, I begrudgingly passed up our recycling bin for the “nasty, icky, won’t biodegrade” type of bin. I felt so irresponsible. But, I also got real with myself over my ludicrous inability to keep up with my laundry and thought I’d be ‘in the toilet” (LOL) with cloth diapering. Like my decision to go Veggie, one day I decided I needed to make a conscious informed decision and get the real “poop” on diapers. Incidentally, I was thrilled out of my mind to find out about gDiapers, which my lovely client Dawn introduced me to recently. These are flushable diapers (halleluiah!) that are also quite cute and are a perfect compromise between disposable and cloth. Kaia has worn them for a few days and I couldn’t be happier with the absorbency and fit…and they fact that they won’t be contributing to the “staggering 3.5 million tons of poop and plastic going into the ground each year.” Did you know that it’s been reported that disposal diapers remain intact in the landfills for up to 500 years? Yikes! Photos coming soon of my sweet Kaia in her gDipe. Truth be told, they are more labor intensive and sometimes icky, but hell, I’m slowly re-learning that “fast, fast, fast and easy” is also a “fast, fast, fast and easy” way to treat out planet like poop (LOL again).

Gandhi’s 7 Deadly Social Sins

You don’t need to be Hindu (or religious at all for that matter) to appreciate this 1 minute or so long “animated guide to Gandhi’s concise list of seven deadly social sins”. I am pondering a responsible plan of attack for how to ensure I live a life without regularly committing these offenses. A post will be forthcoming on that and I look forward to your ideas and input as well.

Corn. Meat. Me

Now, go take some time to read my wise goddess MB’s post about Corn, Meat, and her journey. Thank you.


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  1. mb says:

    leigh, you and i are riding in the same car on the dragon roller coaster. i am so glad you went to cloth with Kaia. Her little bum is so worth it. AS our our landfills. Tomorrow I have an appt. with a local clothe rep. to re-supply my entire clothe diaper system. I had it last week. I gave away all my newborn clothes that don’t fit to make room for all the new ones I am going to buy tomorrow. Our star babies need softies (thats what my Mia always called her diapers. Softies.)

    Also, your edge on factory farming inspired me to revisit a blog entry i wrote back in May. I tried to edit is as fast as I could and posted it a sec ago. Thank you for pushing me to re-evalute my life.
    love u

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