My Midwife, the Superstar

My beloved Marinah, midwife and soul-friend, was interviewed today on a local internet radio show about being a homebirth midwife. You can click here to listen to the entire interview in streaming audio. Just drag the arrow down to the September 29 program. The first few minutes are really just about being a member of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce, so you can skip past this part if you’d like. Also, be patient, as there was a big community parade going on RIGHT outside the studio door, so there’s so major noise (drumline, sirens, etc) during the first give minutes or so.

I was there to show my support during the interview and she was magical and glowing and I was oh so proud. She has some very wise insights. Big love to my Marinah (I’m not possessive or anything)…and MB’s Marinah, and Jeanette’s Marinah, and so many other lucky women’s Marinah.


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