Travels of Light

I’ve recently been intrigued by the autumnal equinox and the mystique surrounding it. My bewitching B and MB have opened me to the rituals of nature and the way it gently reminds us to celebrate, as with the equinox. Upon its heels I traveled in dreams, vividly, and visited old and new souls. The equinox: Equal parts of day and night, light and dark, leaving that sliver of room for introspection and exploration. Quite like each of us with our light and darkness. This equinox allowed me to be reflective of each of those parts of myself… the light that has been brimming forth from my spirit these past few months and the darkness that functions to both still me and shroud me. At times they both blanket me in security. At other times, I am at battle with each.

On Thursday eve, I dreamed of magnificent eclipse. In my dream I was sleeping and was awakened at 2am by the brightest of bright lights. I parted the curtains that draped from the windows and beheld a lunar “eclipse”. While in my dream it was definitely a lunar eclipse, it radiated golden yellow and brighter than our sun. As I gazed at the light I was overcome with a sense of immense peace. It drew me in, literally, and I felt as if I were traveling slowly towards its light. I called to my family to wake up and witness the event and they did, just in time. And suddenly, I awaked in the real world. I felt as if I had really traveled to the moon. I was well rested, invigorated, and smiled through my entire work day! I had no clue as to what the dream meant and thought it rather strange.

Later that Friday night, my dear Marinah called to say she was heading to a birth and that our meeting the next morning would most likely be postponed. She mentioned what an auspicious night it was for this baby to arrive and I asked her why: “It’s a new moon and an eclipse…” she explained in her slow, smiling, breathy voice. My heart stopped momentarily. I recalled my dream. I had not read or heard anything about this lunar excise prior to my dream. Suddenly, it all made perfect sense. Without a doubt, I had traveled that night and witnessed, firsthand, the lunar eclipse that was occurring mostly over the ocean that night. After researching this eclipse, I learned that those viewing it would see a “ring of fire”…perhaps like the incredible, burning ring of fire in my dreams?

Ever the curious one, I have begun to delve into the idea of astral travel/projection once again. Call me kooky but the topic intrigues me. Years ago, I tried to project. I realized early on that I have experienced for years what I believe to be the initial stages of astral projection, when the body begins to separate. I lie in bed, in that space between waking and asleep, and begin to feel my body being pulled down into the bed and into the earth at the most intense velocity and speed. Simultaneously, I feel as if I’m being pulled upwards through the ceiling, through the roof, into the skies at the same high-speed velocity. On top of this, I am spinning. The forces acting on my body are intense, unexplainable, and ones I’ve never felt on this Earth (although I’ve experienced incredible G-forces to the point of blacking out in my Dad’s aerobatic bi-plane). My eyes are always closed.

I started discussing astral travel with my friends, a handful of who have also explored the possibility (always good to know you aren’t alone in your exploration of other-worldly possibilities and abilities that often brand you as crazy and far out, man). Upon more reading, I learn that we indeed travel in the astral realm every night in our dreams but we just aren’t conscious of it. Since I was young, I’d shared with people “I know I actually, truly travel in my dreams.” I wake up physically exhausted and recall my dreams every single morning with vivid remembrance. I realized that I had never recalled dreaming about Marinah, which is strange considering my friends, family, and co-workers appear in my dream travels every night. I contemplated this with her and we discussed potential reasons why. That Friday evening, as I prepared to say goodbye on the phone, I whispered to her “Maybe tonight we’ll meet in my dreams”. That night, for the first time, we did. Her presence was calm and loving, as always. Her exotic, dark hair was untied and flowing and she greeted me with the dependable smile that his hers alone…the smile that reminds me I am home. She told me how I would know that the baby had arrived. As soon as I awoke from the dream, I sat up in bed, grinned, and said aloud “I finally dreamed of Marinah”.

In one of my dreams, a metal, moveable sculpture (almost like a “mobile) of the planets’ alignment was a symbol of my failures and successes in this life. In another, my brother symbolically shared a tidbit of wisdom on how he travels in the astral realm. In this dream, he had no physical body beyond his shoulders but he could “move” or kind of drag himself. It’s as if the physical-ness of his body didn’t exist (i.e. couldn’t be seen) but it was still “there” to use. After being shocked and saddened, I asked him if he found it difficult to move around. He said “No, not really, It’s just that it requires a lot of thought and work. It’s slow, but I can do it.” Practice, thought, release…Thanks, bro.

I anxiously await a celebration of soul-sisterhood in late October, which my friends and I have affectionately dubbed “Goddess of the Desert 2006”. This gathering, which I so very hope will be an annual event, proves to be a life-affirming, healing, and magical few nights beginning under a quarter-moon (my favorite moon). There will be howling heard, laughter afoot on the mountains, and wo-moonly bonds united. Perhaps we will recline on the earth on the night the thin veil is lifted, and share hallowed fire and water and secrets under the vast desert sky. Perhaps we will cast spells? Perhaps we will travel together on the stars? Above all, I plan to honor these three souls for the wisdom and energy and love they have brought to our world, my world. I plan on listening. I plan on welcoming.


Silver threads
Spinning round
Ancient spirit
Newly found
Spiral web
Weaving life
Blessing us
On this night
Fires burn
Souls sing
Shadows dance
With things unseen
Birth, death
Love, life
We celebrate
Samhain tonight”

Samhain Chant by Burgundy



8 Comments Add yours

  1. mb says:

    you speak my language and i sigh relief. i am so happy to know you and get to hang with you. i soooo am right with you. i too know that i wander the universe in my dreams. sometime i have a purpose and sometimes i just go with the chaos. in last month or so i have been having a hard time connecting to or releasine so i can experience more energetic stuff. i need this gathering next month to bring me back to the magic realm.

    hey, lets meet over the grand canyon tonight in our dreams, look at the stars and chat. ok?


  2. leighsteele says:

    MB – I’m there. 🙂

  3. Dad says:

    Dear Daughter,

    Welcome fellow Astral Traveler. Your father has been doing this for decades. I taught you bits and pieces of it long ago beneith diamond stars, upon the grassy earth. You can travel places others can only imagine and visit dimensions of peace as well as horror.

    I have traveled through space and time; surrounded by exploding stars,amid vivid burst of light and energy, returned to this dimension immobile and rigid, waited for the warmth of my body to return and listened for the beat of my heart.

    I was drawn to the brilliant light; nearly saw the evolving face of God, rode to the gates of hell. It can be exhilarating and terrifing at the same moment.

    I have walked paths with the spirit of long deceased friends and family;swam in clear blue lakes to their sides, spoke of my pain, recieved their comfort, healed old wounds, found forgivness and peace.

    Age and experience has taught me to script my travels, chart my course and engage the scenery.

    Who understands the mystery of it all? Not I. But I can go there and it can be a balm to my soul. It can also leave me frightened and confused. Such travels are not to be taken lightly.

    Enjoy your travels; yet stay grounded in this world. You have inherited a bit of other worlds. What is real?



  4. amygeekgrl says:

    very cool to read about your astral projection quest and your dreams. i, too, have very vivid dreams and often awake physically exhausted from them. i’ve read a bit about astral projection and jody was going to try it in earnest years ago but he never remembers his dreams so i’m not sure he’s “right” for it.
    the desert goddess gathering sounds wonderful. 🙂 enjoy yourselves!

  5. mb says:

    Um, hello, is your dad totally groovy or what? Please fill me on on THAT man in your life.

    Peace my friend.


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