What I know for sure:

• Birth is pure and perfect and transforming
• Death is pure and perfect and transforming
• Risk is worth the risk.
• My husband is my soul’s lost half, reunited for good
• I will never be organized. Ever.
• There is no “right” spiritual belief
• We are worthy of being loved, no matter what. We are, in fact, LOVE itself.
• Birth and death are means of traveling.
• I was put on this Earth to be a servant
• Sitting with grief opens us to our most conscious selves and makes room for greater joy
• Writing is my sacred release and second breath
• Nature beckons my youthful, imaginative, grounding spirit and is my muse
• My soul is at peace
• Our spirits and minds are capable of things beyond our comprehension
• True knowledge comes from exploring and challenging convention/what we’ve always known
• Mistakes and painful experiences are a gift
• Our bodies reflect our emotional health
• I have so much to learn
• Our animal companions deserve honor and space to be
• I have a choice
• Dreaming heals me.
• Chocolate cures everything
• We are capable of love beyond measure
• There are “fine lines” in everything
• Rain is music
• Stillness moves me

• My daughter is perfection, redefined
• Words are never good enough
We are always good enough

What I’m still searching for:

• The “perfect” balance between self and family
• The ability to really listen with my heart, instead of my mind
• A physical place where I belong, wholly
• The difference between the questions that need answers, and the ones that don’t
• More time
• The reason that giving deserved and genuine compliments face-to-face is so difficult for me
• The resolve to overcome my serious fear of roaches
• Acceptance of the parts of my core that I battle with liking (struggling with calling people back/writing thank you and/or birthday cards on time/leaving a mess in my wake/preference for non-confrontation)
• A political or non-political affiliation that makes sense to me
• A way to say “I’m sorry” with authenticity, without compromise, reluctance, or pride
• An honoring, healthy “body” routine
• A cure for my acne
• A way to live near everywhere I love
• The space and time and courage for my most honest writing and expression
• Clarity


One Comment Add yours

  1. amygeekgrl says:

    i enjoy your writing so much, even when it is just lists. you have a way with words and wonderful insight.
    p.s. chocolate really does cure everything. 🙂

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