My Green Update

A few posts back, I resolved to practice greener, more Earth-gentle habits. As I’ve mentioned before, I need small victories to keep me going, so it’s helps to journal even teensy-tiny steps. I guess this post dually functions as my “little ol’ pat on the back”, as well as a “swift kick in the ass” to stay focused. Really, aren’t I totally nerdy (7th grade flashback)?

1. I “Freecycled” today! This ingenious, simple concept is a based on a nationwide Yahoo group where community members post Offer ads and Want ads for items. The beauty behind it is all of the Offer ads are things members are wanting to get rid of for FREE. There are local Freecycle groups all across the states. Just got to and join your local group and start Freecycling. Help to reduce waste in our landfills as well as give someone a hand up, plus get rid of your old “treasures”. I freecycled some leftover garage sale items that have been sitting in my garage for a month (an answering machine, household items, art posters). The Freecycler who picked them up was a local Anthem Mama. It felt good.

2. I’ve been committed to recycling in our home. Hey, it’s harder for me than you’d think. I’m just so used to tossing everyhting into one basket.

3. For the past few weeks, Jason and I have been determined to keep our A/C at 78 degrees. Again, this was so tough for me, as I used to crank it down to 72 as soon as I got home. Yikes!

4. I’ve been good about doing laundry and dishwashing during off-peak hours, as well as remembering to shut off lights when I’m done. Umm, except at this very moment. Again, baby steps…

5. My green, homemade cleaning products work great. I still have 3 more gallons of homemade laundry detergent left! Today, I used tea-tree oil and water to clean my tile floor and I love it. I won’t go back to conventional products.

6. We’ve started getting paper bags again at the grocery. They smell so good. Isn’t it funny how some ideas come full circle? Back in the days of our youth, paper bags were the only kinds available at the grocery. My next step is to reuse canvas grocery bags.

7. Buying wooden toys or books as gifts for young children. So, if you were ever consdering a gift for our Kaia, think: used, wooden, recycled, well-loved. We’d all love it!

Share some of your simple Earth-saving tips with me. I love to be inspired!



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jeanette says:

    Will you come make cleaning products with me? I’m intimidated to try it alone.

  2. leighsteele says:

    J – of course! MB is a goddess at this too.
    Let’s plan. It’s so very easy.

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