Trust Birth

I haven’t written about the recent path I’ve been walking as a wannabe doula and I wlll very soon. It’s almost too exciting and overwhelming to put down into words. After attending two births (and one on the way), I am hooked. Addicted. Utterly enthralled. Pierced by Birth’s mysterious arrow, straight in the heart. I am still high from the energy of both births, each extroardinarily different with incredibly powerful birth goddesses. All I can say is “Birth is where’s it’s at!”. Love to our world’s two new sky warriors, who came like lightbolts from their Mama’s, as powerful as the thunder: Skylar Rose and Gabriel Sky.

So, after being a witness to the lovely events of the past few weeks, “Trust Birth” has been racing through my body. Like a drum beat I can’t shake. Very primal. Very bold and deep, like our first imprinted memory. Boy, could I write a book on the topic! I trust it more than almost anything, and yet I know lessons will continue to reveal themselves and unfold before me like an unexpected gift. A post is coming shortly on the topic, it’s just weaving itself together in my mind right now. In the meantime, check out this short little slideshow called “Imagine”. Powerful stuff.


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