Progressive Country. Yeah Right.

Just a rant for the day. We hear all the time how we live in the most progressive country. Really? Well, wave a flag around about this. If we’re so progressive, why do we:
1. Bury trash in our Mother earth?

2. Run to hospitals rampant with infection, the sick, and the dying, to birth brand new, vulnerable babies?

3. Ban gay marriages but not ones infested with abuse, addiction, and unforgiveable crime?

4. Eat the flesh of animals, injected with hormones and forced in quarters so filthy that I doubt any of us would have the guts to visit these places in person?

5. Push formula feeding (via marketing, both subtle and obvious) instead of breastfeeding, therefore denying some mother’s their nourishing power and giving life spirit?

6. Show more fake bodies, fake boobs, and fake faces, than real ones?

7. Obsess with movie star lives instead of lives of great humanitarians? We need a humanitarian award show on the scale of the Academy Awards. Who would you nominate? We need reality shows with these kinds of souls, fighting against convention for what they believe, for the sake of future generations. And no, I don’t mean me.

8. Send rockets into space but haven’t figured out how to succesfully create and market a vehicle not dependent on oil?

9. Provide our school children with sugar and fat laden foods, devoid of nutrution. And we wonder why they have ADD?

10. Give our minds and bodies away to medicine instead of to the healing of spirit and nature?

11. Give birth and die in a strange place (hosptial) instead of the comfort of our homes?

12. Live off of fear and love convention?

Add yours if you are so inclined.

(Go here for history on the origin of the Peace sign).


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