Step by Step

Kaia is seriously walking now and I can barely stand the cuteness. How is it that with walking also seems to come a new, vivacious personality? A spark, untapped until their feet began to hold their bodies on the solid ground (The wise Brooke and her equally wise Mama shared some wonderful insights into walking in their comments on my previous post).

Today at a clothing store, she picked out baby girl clothes from low shelves and carried them to me on the hangers. A girl that knows what she wants. And let me say, she has good taste. Then, she stood in the store jabbering and laughing at something. I glanced over and notice her wide-faced smile and her chubby fingers pointing to Elmo pajamas. Moments later, she turned around and found more clothing emblazoned with the furry red monster and giggled away in recognition. Smartie pants.

Later, a little curly-haired girl waddled over towards Kaia with a babble and a grin. In a mere moment, they both pointed at each other, arm oustretched, and began hobbling with excitment towards one other. They talked, they gossiped, they touched hands. I swear, they must have known each other once. They were remembering.

At my Mom’s Indiana home this week, Kaia learned to rock herself in a baby-sized rocking chair. It was a kind of spastic, seizure-like rock, but it was so delicious. She also grabbed the hose and began intently watering flowers. Naked. My girl. I want to scoop her up like a big ice cream sundae and serve her to the world. Yum.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. amygeekgrl says:

    she’s just delightful! love the naked watering pic. looks like she was having a blast. 🙂

  2. Shasta says:

    Oh god is she cute!

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