Realization O’The Month: June

That the authentic fellowship of women is priceless. That this kinship, this deep connection, is also actually not as rare as I always thought it to be. That I just need to be more open to it, accepting that vulnerability is indeed a gift that will allow me to know myself, and others, more intimately.

Intimacy, vulnerability, connection. Words that scare some women and used to scare me. Words that invigorate me now.

It seems that I’ve been on a path recently of gently surrendering myself to this connection to women. It has been so incredibly healing in a way that I’ve never, ever experienced healing before. Some goddesses newer: Jeanette, MB, Brooke, Marinah, Jen, Tee, Kimmy, Liz. Some goddesses from the past: Haley, Lara, Megan. One ever-present: My Mama. All morphing into the Great Feminine, the divine power that seems to be unleashing itself, exploding itself. I love it for the way it plunges me into the unknown.

This is all so overwhelming. So very different from just friendship. Honest, brutal, soulful, real. But it’s what makes me smile from deep within my belly. It’s what changes me, sculpts me, surrounds me, and keeps me alive. Truly, there are few words to describe it. So I’ll leave it at that.




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