Poem – Effervescence

**for mb, 6.20.06**

“Effervescence” – art by Pamela Caughey

according to my husband
you are a great big “exhale”
and I couldn’t have put it better.
cleansing, renewing, clearing
utterly important and needed
you rejuvenate the spirit.
your outer beauty a reflection
of your inner love and light
both are boundless.
like a grand oak tree
your shoulders strong, your spirit sturdy
your roots tangled in the Earth.
I have no doubt that you arrived
on a twinkling falling star
and that your mouth was smiling.



One Comment Add yours

  1. Jeanette says:


    Love that. laughed out loud at the truth and beauty. Strong shoulders indeed. mb’s shoulders could carry all our burdens with strength to spare.


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